Corporate Caterers

Corporate caterers offers you multiple advantages over other concepts

  • Lower typical start-up investment (no need for a dining room)
  • Lower location lease costs (you don’t need expensive “Prime” space)
  • Shorter working hours and lower overhead (5 days vs. 7 days per week)
  • Higher possible food margins (lower food costs and fewer employees)
  • Low employee turnover and high customer retention (see for yourself)

Corporate Caterers Franchise Concept

We love to show people who we are, what we do and how you can be a part of “the best segment” in the food industry -as a franchise owner of Corporate Caterers. We have the systems, the training, the tools, the experience and the desire to help others benefit from our success. We need enthusiastic, energetic franchise owners who can recognize that this is opportunity knocking – and take advantage of it.

Here’s the Big Idea

The goals of Corporate Caterers started idealistic: low start-up cost, limited overhead costs, shorter business hours, good profit margins, loyal employees and happy clients. Founders Dennis McGinley and Jim Gass confess to having been exhausted by the daily pressures of trying to run large restaurants and catering facilities. The house “rules” they established for Corporate Caterers were straight forward: only breakfast and lunch catering five days a week—weekends off; only business and corporate clientele—no private parties, no nights; and a small, well-trained staff offering only off-premise office catering with good food, presentation and service. Our locations delivered over one million meals last year.

Over sixteen years and millions of dollars in sales later, Corporate Caterers has achieved the goals, kept the rules they set out for themselves, and they continue to grow profitably. And they have personal lives, weekends off, and a healthy business outlook for the future.

Our Recipe for Success

We have the business systems, software programs, food prep & kitchen operations, employee & driver training, and marketing & promotional concepts ready for you to learn, implement and use.

It’s Your Choice…

We are a specialized catering business. We don’t usually promote ourselves in the general public media because we’re a “B2B” (business to business) model. However, in the business world, we want you to make a strong impact in your local market. We have the tools to help you promote your services to targeted clientele, from direct mail to referral programs, from personal presentations to catered functions. We will help you design a customized marketing and promotions campaign for your area before you begin, and help you implement and monitor your programs as you progress in your own Corporate Caterers franchise.

Corporate Caterers

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