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In fact, it’s not like a lot of things. And that’s why it’s better. Sure, it’s catering. But not the kind you’re thinking of. Because we don’t do it the way anyone else does. We’re different. And that difference is what makes our franchise concept unique.

Corporate Caterers offers you multiple advantages over other concepts

Our Founders Jim Gass & Dennis McGinley confess to having been exhausted by the daily pressures of trying to run busy restaurants and catering operations. The did it for over 15 years. They knew there had to be a better way. Working together, they hatched the plan for a great concept.

The house rules they established for Corporate Caterers were straightforward: 

  • Cater breakfast and lunch
  • Operate 5 days a week (weekends off)
  • Service business and corporate clients only (no private parties, no evenings)
  • Have a well-trained staff, schooled in the art of superior food, presentation, and service

Corporate Caterers Franchise Success

Corporate Caterers Franchise Concept

We started 20 years ago with a simple purpose: To deliver delicious, reliable office catering.

Today, that appetizer has grown into a full entrée of 30+ nationwide franchise operations helping people eat well at work. And we’re still innovating with new, fresh recipes in all of our locations.

Having you join us would be like getting dessert.

Why We’re Better Than The Others

  • We’re a proven model 
  • We have a competitive advantage
  • We offer lower cost of entry
  • Work/life balance
  • You don’t need any culinary skills
  • Your market is protected and exclusive
  • Huge opportunities for growth

Corporate Caterers Franchise Advantages

  • Faster, higher ROI
  • Lower location costs
  • No retail frontage
  • Shorter working hours
  • Fewer employees
  • Higher margins
  • Low employee turnover

$1,095,471 Average Gross Sales* (2020 FDD Item 19 Schedule 4, Gross Sales of All Units by Quartile)
18% Average Sales Increase* (2020 FDD Item 19, Average Sales of all units in operation at end of year 2019 compared to end of year 2018)

Corporate Caterers Franchise

Our Recipe for Success

We have the business systems, software programs, food prep & kitchen operations, employee & driver training, and marketing & promotional concepts ready for you to learn, implement and use.

It’s Your Choice…

We are a specialized catering business. We don’t usually promote ourselves in the general public media because we’re a “B2B” (business to business) model. However, in the business world, we want you to make a strong impact in your local market. We have the tools to help you promote your services to targeted clientele, from direct mail to referral programs, from personal presentations to catered functions. We will help you design a customized marketing and promotions campaign for your area before you begin, and help you implement and monitor your programs as you progress in your own Corporate Caterers franchise.

Corporate Caterers
Corporate Caterers Franchising

“Owning a Corporate Caterers had allowed me freedom to run and grow my own business with the confidence that I had a national brand behind me. I enjoy the relationships that I have established with my customers and staff over the last 10 years. It has been great to see the difference that Corporate Caterers makes in everyone’s lives. We have seen a member of our staff grow from being a dishwasher to one of our lead cooks, from being a driver to our floor manager and we have seen several of our long term team members buy their first homes. All things that give us great pride.”

William Hanrahan

Corporate Caterers Franchise Owner, Atlanta, Georgia

“Owning and managing a Corporate Caterers franchise gives me the opportunity to be an entrepreneur with a support system. I’ve had the opportunity to start, build and grow a business without having to worry about many of the technical aspects of business I know little about, like websites and online ordering. I get to be my own boss and make decisions that truly matter to my customers and employees.”

Jim Riley

Corporate Caterers Franchise Owner, Columbus, OH

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