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Are You A High-Level Professional Looking To Leverage Your Unique Skills Into A Successful And Sustainable Consulting Or Coaching Practice?

The Trusted Advisors team of experts provides the tools and resources you need for success. Don’t go it alone in creating your own consulting or coaching business. Let Trusted Advisors guide you down the proven path to success.

Trusted Advisors Business Opportunity

Trusted Advisors is the first choice among professionals for assistance in creating and building successful consulting or coaching practices. We’ve helped hundreds of professionals build successful and sustainable coaching and consulting businesses over the last 40 years.

We seek seasoned professionals who have been around the block, if not once but a couple of times, equipped with a wealth of knowledge and proven expertise. Our support extends across a wide spectrum of industries, encompassing non-profit and government sectors alike.

Join our network of over 200 consultants and coaches as we expand and foster new connections with accomplished professionals who are ready to embark on their journey in independent coaching and consulting.

Trusted Advisors Franchise40 Years of Success

We have spent the last 40 years building and continuing to hone the tools, resources, and infrastructure our consultants and coaches use to build their practices. We help our consultants be in business for themselves, but not themselves.

Why Trusted Advisors Works

Trusted Advisors FranchiseWe know starting or scaling a consulting or coaching practice can be challenging. You may need help with marketing and client generation. It would be best to have mentorship from a designated coach and peers. It would be best to have support to focus on return on investment-producing activities. We have spent years working with and learning from high performers in the consulting space while building a methodology that we know works. We focus on the areas critical to building a sustainable consulting or coaching practice.

Our Proven Tools

You have access to an extensive library of clients’ tools as a consultant or coach affiliated with Trusted Advisors. These tools are created for our consultants to use in their client work and are proven to achieve measurable results. They are fully customizable to tailor results specific to each of your clients. Our consultants tell us the existing tools save them valuable time and allow them to focus on getting their clients the desired results. We have created tools that focus on the critical areas of every organization: strategy, talent development, process excellence, and customer loyalty.

Our consultants and coaches appreciate the Trusted Advisors’ commitment to keeping the tools and resources current and relevant, and they equally understand the ability to be part of that continuous improvement process.

Trusted Advisors Franchise

The Investment

To align with Trusted Advisors, the investment starts at 15,000.00 and will not exceed 20,000.00 and is a one-time investment. The investment includes everything you need to get started, such as the initial training, access to marketing materials for client generation, business branding, etc.


Our methods and approaches to organizational improvement and coaching are seamlessly blended with wisdom and cutting-edge market strategies that have stood the test of time.

Everything we do is about making a meaningful difference and helping your practice thrive. Our dedication extends far beyond a mere transaction. At our core, we are passionately committed to empowering every consultant and coach we connect with to create a thriving practice aligned with your unique financial and life goals.

Tracy Lunquist talks about her experiences at Trusted Advisors
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Daryl Russell talks about the biggest value to being a Trusted Advisor Consultant.

“When one becomes affiliated with Trusted Advisors, there are a number of resources made available to you. For me the one that has been the most significant is my relationship with my Trusted Advisors coach, Wendy Howland. The value of this relationship is literally beyond measure.”

Nancy T

Trusted Advisor Consultant

“The reason to start my own business was driven in part due to family separation, traveling, and dissatisfaction with the corporate environment. I came to this decision after my wife became ill with a heart condition that put her in the hospital two times. I knew then that my personal life and professional life were out of balance. This was the catalyst to take the risk and make the decision. The mutual evaluation was invaluable for our decision making process. It served to manage the risk of going into this business alone, which was weighing heavy on my mind. The idea of having a support team behind me was a godsend because of my strong belief in teamwork, plus being exposed to the availability of a professional network was an added bonus.”

Jorge G.

Trusted Advisor Consultant

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