Fish Window Cleaning

What do a Bank President, Sales Manager, Wall Street Broker, Restaurant Manager, Engineer and Baseball Player all have in common?

They and 150 others own Fish Window Cleaning!

Why Fish Window Cleaning?

  • Unparalleled franchise support.
  • One corporate support staff for every six franchisees.
  • We come to your market again, again and again.
  • In business since 1978.
  • High frequency repeat business.
  • Plan-able growth.
  • Low start-up cost.
  • High profit margin.
  • Growing demand.
  • No high rise!
  • Monday – Friday, daytime hours.
  • Proprietary software – Profitable routing & scheduling.
  • If you want to be a “one-man-show” you don’t need us!
  • We teach you to develop a growing business.

The Fish Window Cleaning Franchise is backed by 29 years of experience!

Fish Window Cleaning has been consistently featured in Entrepreneur’s Top 500 since its first year franchising.

The Window Cleaning Industry

Demands within the fast growing window cleaning market

As you have seen with your own eyes, the market for window cleaning continues to grow rapidly. From new construction to existing businesses and homes, everything built today has a lot of windows…….and there are not enough professional window cleaning companies to meet the demand.

Fish Window Cleaning franchise owners provide service to low rise commercial and to homes.

Low Rise Commercial

This category includes strip malls, grocery stores, printers, furniture stores, restaurants, banks, retail stores, service stations and garages, car dealerships, low rise industrial and office parks, warehouse facilities, apartment and condominium complexes, etc. The average commercial customer has their windows cleaned both inside and outside 12, 24, or 52 times a year.


Companies focused on providing residential window cleaning services will often dabble in low-rise commercial. Most other window cleaning companies compete on price, which severely limits their ability to grow. Their lack of “growth strategy pricing” often prohibits them from obtaining basic business needs, such as a business phone line, adequate commercial general liability insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance, bonding, etc. The residential sales peak occurs during the spring around Easter and fall before Thanksgiving.

FISH’s competitive edge

FISH focuses on low rise commercial and residential window cleaning. From the first moment a customer meets a Fish franchise owner there is a notable difference from the competition primarily in the area of customer service. For business owners, their experience is then solidified by the ongoing service that is handled by trained, uniformed, professional window cleaners. Commercial customers choose Fish because of year round reliability. Business owners want the peace of mind that their windows will be cleaned on the right schedule and the job is done with little to no distraction to their customers. Home owners want bonded and insured window cleaners who they trust to work inside their home. FISH window cleaners go through extensive customer service training prior to cleaning homes.

“I wish I would have done this 20 years ago, I’m living out my dreams today and I could have been living my dreams this whole time!”

Stan Hutto

“The reason I chose FISH is I wanted to make sure I was getting into business with someone I could trust and someone that would do what they said they would do….I really felt that when I signed and I really feel that 6 months in.”

Tim Weissman

“People have asked me why I would buy a franchise in the middle of one of the worst economies we have seen in a long time. My answer to them is, after 12 years in Sales and Management for a very successful garage door installation company, I learned several valuable lessons… One of the most important lessons is that if you can provide a needed service and do it better that anyone else, you can thrive in any economy. Another is that you must have good systems that will allow for unlimited growth potential. Fish has turned out to be the perfect fit in both of these areas as well as many others. I am receiving everything I need from Fish to operate a successful business. I am happy to say we are thriving. We are just finishing our first year in business. We have been able to achieve some very aggressive goals that I set for our first year, and I am looking forward to continued growth. If we can grow this quickly in a down economy, I can’t wait for the growth we will achieve in a good economy. The dream of owning my own business has become a reality. One of the best things about this is that I run the business, it doesn’t run me. I have been blessed by my decision to purchase a Fish franchise.”

Ken Jones

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