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Franchise Opportunities That Prosper In The Spring And Summer

Spring and Summer Franchises that Thrive

Warm temperatures present an excellent opportunity to unwind, relish nature, vacation and get out in the open air. Which franchise businesses stand to gain during the spring and summer? America’s Best Franchises recognizes the franchise opportunities that are likely to thrive while America goes on spring and summer vacations. If you are keen on owning a business that flourishes in warm temperatures or a warm climate look no further.  We suggest taking a look at franchises that specialize in ice cream and other frozen desserts to start.

Dessert and Ice Cream Franchises

What are some good options for a refreshing snack during the hot summer? Whether it’s shaved ice, frozen yogurt, snow cones, or ice cream, your franchise specializing in frozen treats is likely to do well during this season when people are seeking tasty ways to beat the heat.

Top Frozen Dessert Franchise Opportunities

The cost of running an ice cream franchise are often lower compared to other types of businesses. You’re offering a unique product that requires no cooking. That translates into no cooks, waiters or hosts.  Only a small number of cheerful staff members are needed to serve sweet treats to customers. Consider delving into ice cream franchise opportunities now. By this time next year, you could be running a business selling frozen desserts to your local community.

Travel, Cruise and Hotel Franchises

Do you have a passion for travel? Are you skilled at networking? If you’ve developed good relationships with every concierge you’ve come across, then investing in a vacation property management franchise could be the ideal business venture for you. These types of franchises can be started with just a strong interest in travel or an ability to build connections with others. You can start a travel cruise or vacation property management franchise for as little as $7,000, and some can even be run from your own home. Discover the ideal franchise that matches your desired lifestyle.

Best Cruise Franchises

Cruise Planners – Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, is the largest home-based travel agency franchise in the nation with over 2,500 franchise owners in all 50 states.

Expedia Cruises – Expedia Cruises franchise owners enjoy a lifestyle glittered with vacation travel benefits. The Expedia Cruises brand is a household name brand with $95 billion in buying power.

Vacation Property Management Franchises

If you have a knack for real estate and vacation travel is a passion, you can start your own vacation property management franchise. America’s Best Franchises directory features a variety of property management franchises that specialize in the rental of vacation properties. Here are a few for your review:

Grand Welcome

iTrip Vacations

Residential Pool Maintenance Franchises

Swimming Pool maintenance franchises benefit from a home based business model with low startup costs and low overhead. A great ROI and consistent recurring revenue make this lifestyle venture a winner.

Top Pool Maintenance Franchises

Pool Scouts

America’s Swimming Pool (ASP)

Moving Franchises

Moving franchises experience their busiest season between April and September, which is when families typically relocate due to school schedules. We highly suggest considering a moving franchise as an executive ownership option.

Moving franchises offer a simple, executive franchise model. Your team will help customers move their belongings from their old home to their new one. With low startup costs and easy-to-follow, proven operations, a moving franchise might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Take the next step now by researching some of the HOT Spring and Summer franchises at America’s Best Franchises. 

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