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Wicked Lick Ice Cream Franchise

Wicked Lick Ice Cream stands apart from all other ice cream shops. We’re different from all other ice cream shops because Wicked Lick freezes the cream with liquid nitrogen (LN). LN is 321 degrees below zero so when it is introduced to the cream while being mixed, it freezes into a super smooth and creamy consistency that when it hits your taste buds, you experience the most amazing texture that enhances the flavor and delivers a taste not available by any other technique.

Wicked Lick Ice Cream – Why We’re Different


We’re different from all other liquid nitrogen ice cream shops because Wicked Lick crafts our ice cream in small batches, generally about a half-gallon at a time. Crafting ice cream in small batches takes nearly half the liquid nitrogen and requires less time to serve our customers which translates into higher savings and higher earnings. This new concept is the first ever Hybrid Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream shop.

Wicked Lick Franchise


We’re different than all of them because our merchandise sells, and what better way to remember their Wicked Lick experience than to take it home with them. T-Shirts, Stickers, Coozies and Hats with our slogan on them is one of the best ideas we had. People buy our merch not just for themselves but for gifts too… and by the way, we sell a lot of merchandise.

Wicked Lick Craft Ice Cream Franchise


  • Marketing – You will receive the support of our experienced marketing and PR partners. We work directly with social media companies and advertisement agencies to deliver a strategy to achieve your dominance in the Ice Cream market and build brand awareness in your community.
  • Training – Wicked Lick has designed a comprehensive training program for new franchisees, your management team, and your employees. We know how important it is to train everyone in Customer Service, Operational Efficiency and Brand Consistency and we will deliver the results you demand.
  • Real Estate & Construction – With our Real Estate & Construction experience, we will be your guide throughout the entire process. We work directly with you and local commercial real estate brokers to help you identify locations and connect you with the right general contractor.


We are looking for a limited number of franchisees in South Florida. Candidates must have experience owning or managing a business, have great character, a terrific work ethic and a positive outlook. You are required to have $100,000 in liquid capital and our fee for a franchise is $40,000. However having the financial requirements isn’t all we are looking for. You must be a team player, have patience and be motivated by results. If you possess these achiever qualities, you have what it takes for Wicked Lick.

Wicked Lick Craft Ice Cream. What Makes Us Different.

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