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Milkster Franchise

Welcome to Milkster, the world-class dessert that’s changing the world one cup at a time. Our concepts start as low as $25,000 all in investment including our introductory franchise fee of just $12,500 (lowest in the industry).


We love two things: changing the world & creating meaningful moments around world-class desserts.

If you are passionate about these things then Milkster is for YOU! We believe dessert is a means to bring people together and makes them feel good, therefore it should be an extroadinarly special experience. People go out for dessert to enhance their day or celebrate, which is why Milkster strives to create an immersive experience where a fun show & delicacies are the main menu.

Additionally, feeling good is tied to doing good. Milkster absolutely stands by the notion that it’s better to give than to receive. How can we stand by while a billion people don’t have access to a basic necessity like clean water? We decided to do something about it. Together we want to bring water to 100,000,000 people. Oh, and by the way, we want to do this by selling the world’s best dessert. Therefore every cup of Nicecream sold provides about a week’s worth of water where needed, we call this #cupforcup.

If you’re intrigued, come join us! Together we can change the world through love dessert.

Milkster Franchise


MILKSTER HUB Nitrogen Creamery


Milkster FranchiseDesigned to fit almost any existing retail space, our goal is to deliver the highest dollar value per square foot.

The Hub is a creamery workspace that is mobile and requires minimal set up and architectural planning; getting you started on serving the world’s best “Nicecream” in virtually no time. Despite its minimal use of space, it packs plenty of capacity to serve your customers our best flavors and desserts. This design features unique customizable lighting which enhances the “nitrogen smoke”, providing an exceptional dessert experience. The Hub’s goal is to efficiently immerse your customers in the best nitrogen ice cream experience possible in a 64 sqft. footprint. The Hub package includes everything to get you going quickly and successfully.

$20K-$25K (includes $12.5K franchising fee)
6% Royalty
2% Advertising & Marketing contribution
60 – 100 sqft. total space
Set up time: weeks

Milkster Station FranchiseMILKSTER STATION Nitrogen Creamery


It’s the store within a store. Designed to fit within your current retail space, the Milkster Station is a custom built-in solution featuring our full menu of nitrogen desserts.  The Station’s goal is to efficiently immerse your customers in an unbelievable dessert experience within a 300 sq ft. footprint while requiring minimal architectural design and city planning. If you’re looking to compliment your already existing retail concept with a new and exciting opportunity, Milkster Station is the answer.

$25K-$50K (includes $12.5K franchising fee)
6% Royalty
2% Advertising & Marketing contribution
200 – 400 sqft. total space



So unique it could only be called an experience. Designed to fully immerse your customers in the best dessert adventure on the planet, our stand alone retail space features the the absolute best way to produce ice cream and other unique desserts featuring liquid nitrogen. We help you plan and design your dream neighborhood creamery. Our goal is to deliver a highly efficient use of space and technology that will have your customers mesmerized. Nitrogen Ice cream is disrupting the dessert space, take advantage of this historical opportunity.

$75K-$130K (includes $12.5K
franchising fee)
6% Royalty
2% Advertising & Marketing contribution
800 – 1500 sqft. total space

Milkster Franchise


  • Provide the best dessert experience every time.
  • Make sure they laugh.
  • Thank them for providing a cup of clean water to someone in need.
  • Repeat.

We set up creative retail locations which provide the world’s best dessert experience. It’s our goal to develop a unique brand through a fresh approach to design, product, and flavors. At Milkster we’re looking for leaders who dream. Hopefully you’ve read this far because our vision struck a cord with yours. situations and budgets: Hub, Station, Experience & Mobile.

“We believe dessert can change the world”  – Milkster

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