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We are opening a franchise every 7 days!  Territories are going fast.

Cash Required: $50,000

Skill Samurai Franchise

Skill Samurai

With our unparalleled MathCode™ program, we seamlessly integrate math and coding, creating an engaging and effective learning experience that kids love.

Cash Required: $50,000

AMH Enterprises

AMH Enterprises

The US Government buys more products than anyone. We will show you how to work with Contracting Officers and tap into all that business.

Cash Required: $50,000

Valenta Franchise

Valenta Technology & Business Consulting

Valenta is a technology and  business consulting franchise providing specialist services in process optimization, robotic process automation and outsourcing.

Cash Required: $50,000

Wize Computing Academy Franchise

Wize Computing Academy

Our franchisees are home-based so you don’t need to sign a lease, remodel a site and buy thousands of dollars worth of furniture and equipment. Recession & pandemic proof.

Cash Required: $30,000

Premier Gaming Trailers Franchise

Premier Gaming Trailers

Premier Gaming Trailers has been revolutionizing birthday parties and events for the past five years.

Cash Required: $45,000

CMIT Solutions

CMIT Solutions

CMIT Solutions IT franchise allows you to work from home.  That means CMIT Solutions gives you an inexpensive way to begin your journey into entrepreneurship.

Cash Required: $50,000

Club SciKidz Franchise

Club SciKidz

Club SciKidz is a home based children’s education franchise. There is no brick and mortar overhead as classes are taught out of schools, churches and more.

Cash Required: $50,000

Computer and Internet Franchises

Are you passionate about the world of technology? If so, we encourage you to explore our computer and internet franchises. Whether it’s e-sports and gaming, technology repair, kids’ STEM or medical billing, America’s Best Franchises has your options for computer and internet franchises.

Gaming Franchises

Transform your passion for e-sports and gaming from an after-work hobby into a fulfilling career. Computer and internet franchises have the power to connect people across the globe; this is your chance to foster those connections with the rapidly expanding world of e-sports. Gaming franchises continue to rise as more people — of all ages — discover a love of gaming and want to share it with one another. Explore our gaming franchises and determine if any are the right internet franchise for you.

Technology Repair Franchises

Our world is increasingly technological. That’s one reason computer and internet franchises are an excellent opportunity. Technology repair franchises also fall under that umbrella and are increasing in demand as the number of pricey devices per household continues to go up. As a technology repair franchisee, you will meet the needs of hardworking, everyday people who would rather fix their tech and gadgets than shell out big bucks to replace each one. Explore our technology repair franchises and take a look at an exciting — and expanding — opportunity.

Kids’ STEM Franchises

The “T” in STEM stands for technology. And with more and more emphasis being placed on tech in the classroom, STEM franchises are your opportunity to bring STEM learning right to the homes of kids in your community. Kids’ STEM franchises that are also computer and internet franchises include computer coding and fundamental engineering classes. If you love tech and working with kids, and you’re looking for the opportunity to be your own boss, consider a kids’ STEM computer franchise.

Medical Billing Franchises

If you are looking to operate your computer franchise from home, a medical billing franchise might be right for you. Medical billing franchises handle outsourced medical collections right from a computer, meaning franchisees can consistently work from home on a schedule that’s completely customizable. These franchise opportunities also have low startup costs that make business ownership even more achievable for entrepreneurs of all experience levels. Explore the medical billing franchise opportunities that America’s Best Franchises has to offer.

Now is your chance to transform your love of computers and technology into your own business. We encourage you to reach out to the computer and internet franchises that pique your interest. Our world is only getting more technological, today is the day to dive into the computer and internet industry by opening your own franchise.

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