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Premier Gaming Trailers FranchisePremier Gaming Trailers has been revolutionizing birthday parties and events for the past five years. We take the technology that children from 5 to 75 crave and put it into a multiplayer utopia capable of turning an ordinary celebration into a memorable event.

Six years ago we started in this business as a proprietor with a passion to be a part of the Mobile Gaming Revolution. We were unable to find a trailer capable of helping us achieve long term success. Out of necessity we started fabricating our own trailers and started this company to provide the same high quality solutions for other owner operators.

We chose a custom height for our trailers, rich durable fabrics inside and lighter building materials that provided even more strength. Our trailers have been a hit in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

The fact that we completely control the fabrication process has lead to every customer we have ever had being totally satisfied with a product truly fitting to be known as a Premier Gaming Trailer.

Premier Gaming Trailers

Why Premier Gaming Trailers

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZED – We offer more customization options. You get a trailer truly unique to match your business needs. We take the time to help you evaluate your options, understand your goals, discuss your market and make sure that the finished product we create for you is ready for prime time. No matter the product, no matter the application, as a full service fabrication company we enjoy the challenge of making whatever you can conceive in your mind a reality. If you can dream it, we can build it – that’s not just our tagline, it’s who we are!
  • NO ROYALTY/FRANCHISE FEES – There are no franchise fees and no ongoing royalty fees when you purchase a Premier Gaming Trailer. We are a full service fabricator which has a trailer build out team led by an innovative professional with more than 27 years of mobile customization experience. Our experience as successful owner/operators of 2 gaming trailers that we use daily in Central Florida helps to guide our fabrication process. We know firsthand that buying a mobile video game trailer can be a great revenue stream for the entrepreneur that wants to control their income and be the life of the party.
  • OUTSTANDING SUPPORT –  You’re not buying a franchise; your purchase makes you part of the Premier Gaming Trailers family! We’ve created an eco-system that will lead to your long term success. It is our intention to be known as the biggest and best Mobile Gaming Trailer manufacturer in the world. For that to happen each person who becomes part of the Premier Gaming Trailer family continue to experience a high level of success.


Premier Gaming Trailers FranchiseWe know what we build is a successful product because we’ve manufactured 48 to date and two of those are operated daily by us in the Central Florida area. Our trailers are no less than 7 1/2 feet tall on the inside which is nearly a foot taller than our competitors. This gives your clients more space and allows everyone in the trailer to feel more comfortable. We don’t have boring flat ceiling – we design a 3 dimensional ceiling to give it depth, texture, and style to add to that wow factor. Our larger trailers come with two air conditioners which can be set to specific temperatures allowing for maximum comfort and ideal power consumption. We use only the highest quality speakers, amplifiers, wiring and radio head units to ensure that the sound is crisp powerful audio that you can feel. We don’t use carpeting because it looks cheap and can make your trailer look “unfinished” we use an industrial material that feels like suede, is rich in texture and also serves as sound dampening, so you’re customers don’t have to play video games in a noisy aluminum box. Even the placement of our televisions is strategic – we have our support beams spaced at a certain distance to accommodate the largest televisions safely. In building these trailers we’ve taken everything into account including alternate power sources. Since you can’t use a generator at all of the events you will attend, we’ve outfitted our trailers with the capability to plug into a standard wall outlet. In addition to all of the standard features, we also over 20 popular options that our clients often to chose like; Satellite TV, motorized awnings, stabilizer jacks, lazer tag and so much more.

“When we first talked to PGT, we made it clear that we did not want a cookie cutter gaming trailer, we had to have something out of this world, they took on the challenge and delivered! WE LOVE IT!!

Ashleigh B.

“Nothing can compare to the one-on-one service that we received with you guys.

Chelsea H.

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