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Pet Franchise Opportunities

Pet franchises are apart of a pet industry that spends over $40 billion on their pets. Moreover, the pet industry and the consumer market for pets has doubled in the last ten years and is expected to continue growing. Pet franchises include pet grooming services, cleaning up for pets, pets day care services and more.

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Pet Supplies Plus Franchise

Pet Supplies Plus

Did you know a Pet Supplies Plus franchise store typically exceeds $2,500,000 million dollars annually? Today, we have more than 315 franchised and corporate Pet centers using a business model tried and true for more than 25 years. You’ll appreciate our buying power, support services and the Pet Supplies Plus brand name. Learn more here.

Cash Required: $100,000

Hounds Town USA

Hounds Town USA

Hounds Town USA franchise owners make the happiest franchise owners on earth! If you love pets and want a simple business that is fun Hounds Town is for you. The real investment sizzle is a significantly lower investment than other daycare franchises. Outstanding Economics, average store revenue $660,127 and we offer an owner -operator model as well as Semi-Absentee ownership. The numbers are there.

Cash Required: $75,000

Aussie Pet Mobile

Aussie Pet Mobile

Aussie Pet Mobile franchise is one of the top mobile pet grooming businesses in America. A true home based business with the best of the best in training. Aussie Pet Mobile is a management-based business. 9 out of 10 owners have never groomed a pet and never will. Secure your territory today!

Cash Required: $200,000

Dog Training Elite Franchise Opportunity

Dog Training Elite

Join a fun and rewarding franchise with Dog Training Elite.  With the massive market available to you in the dog training industry, high ROI, top of the line back end management systems, and our cutting-edge marketing techniques… Dog Training Elite owners are primed for long-term stability and success. Low franchise fees and low ad fund and royalty fees. You’ll receive intense theory training and up-front & ongoing business training.  This is a high demand market we help you market to with our full scale local marketing campaigns.

Cash Required: $50,000

Pet franchises are an excellent franchise opportunity for entrepreneurial pet lovers nationwide. Pet franchises include many different types of businesses, but they all contribute to the overall well-being of pets and their owners. Animal lovers are ideal franchisees for pet franchises and the pet industry is only growing, making now a great time to explore all of our pet franchise opportunities.

What Are Pet Franchises?

Pet franchises help pet owners clean, feed, accommodate and otherwise care for their furry friends. Different types of pet franchises can include pet retail stores, pet hotels, grooming facilities and more. Within those broad categories, there are options. Some pet stores focus on high-end pet products, like organic food and treats. Pet hotels can range from normal boarding facilities to luxury accommodations that pamper pets while their owners are out of town. Some grooming and pet cleaning facilities are one-stop shops where pet owners can get their pet fresh and clean and pick up a new collar or bag of treats. Pet franchisees help pets – and their owners – live life to the fullest.

Franchise Opportunities for Pet Lovers

The ideal pet franchise owner has pets of their own, but that certainly isn’t required. As long as you are passionate about pets, a pet franchise could be the right franchise opportunity for you. Pet franchise owners get the opportunity to interact with furry friends every day. Even with management-based franchise models, franchisees’ locations see lots of little paws. Many pet franchise training programs encourage their franchisees to learn how to interact with their clients and customers, giving them the skills to hop in and help if things get busy… or if they just want some puppy cuddles. Pet franchises are a great fit for entrepreneurial pet lovers.

Sixty-eight percent of American households have a pet, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These families are in every state, meaning that communities nearly everywhere are in need of pet services. Pet lovers in cities and towns nationwide have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by owning their own pet franchises.

Pet Industry

The pet industry is growing, making now the time to become a pet industry franchisee. According to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, Americans spent upwards of $69 billion on their pets in 2017, which was a 4% increase from the year prior. And Millennials are leading the spending charge. As more Millennials delay having human children, they pour their time and resources into their “fur babies.” A 2018 study found that Millennials spend an average of $1,285 on their dogs and $915 on their cats annually. These numbers include things like high-end pet food and treats, grooming and cleaning, veterinary costs and additional pet care, like pet sitters, dog walkers or boarding facilities. Franchisees in the pet industry can reap the benefits of an expanding market.

If you are an entrepreneurial animal lover looking to join the expanding pet industry, becoming a pet franchisee might be right for you. Be sure to explore all of our pet franchise opportunities.

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It’s no secret that many pet owners love to spoil their “children.” Wag N’ Wash markets directly to those customers who want to give their four-legged friends the best, healthiest life possible with pampering baths, toys, and healthy food and treats.

The goal is a health-focused pet store that is also fun, a community of pet owners rather than just a store. Each store has a strong local community focus, plus loyalty programs to keep customers coming in regularly.

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