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What Multi-Brand Franchise Ownership Actually Looks Like

Whether you are looking to expand your franchise portfolio or looking to start your first franchise venture, multi-brand franchise ownership could be an option for you. Explore what that means — and what it entails — for multi-brand franchise owners. Multi-Brand Franchise Ownership Multi-brand franchise ownership is exactly what it…




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The Rise of Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

The franchise industry is seeing rapid growth in multi-unit franchising, and it’s a trend that won’t be going anywhere any time soon. The biggest reason for this is multi-unit franchising provides an opportunity for tremendous (and stable) growth and wealth creation for all parties involved – the brand, franchisor and…




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Franchising 101: What Is an Area Developer?

As more and more franchises move toward multi-unit growth, area developer franchisees are also becoming more popular. If you’re looking for multi-unit franchise opportunities, you might consider area development. Here’s How It Works Area developers are similar to multi-unit operators except they commit to opening a greater number of units…




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Franchising 101: What Is a Master Franchisee?

If you’re a more skilled and seasoned business executive with big dreams, area development might be for you. Multi-unit franchisees are also considered area developers; the franchisor requires the area developer to open a certain number of units by a specific date. Not only do area developers pay less per…




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Single-Unit vs. Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

Single-unit franchise ownership is much different from multi-unit franchise ownership. The two types of operators often have different business goals and priorities. So, how do you decide which is right for you? As always, America’s Best Franchises has got you covered with all the pertinent details to help you make…




The Best Franchises for Veterans

You devoted several years of your life to serving your country. Now, you’re transitioning back to civilian life wondering where your next “mission” will take your career. Many military veterans consider entrepreneurial endeavors like small business ownership or franchising. And since you found yourself on the America’s Best Franchises website,…




Multi-Unit Franchising Is Very Popular

Multi-unit franchising — that is, investing in more than one franchise location at the same time, is becoming a popular approach to franchising, with franchisees and with franchisors. For franchisors, it’s nice to have one great franchisee running multiple locations instead of adding to the risk with multiple franchisees. For…




Multiple Franchises: Competing, Complementary or Concurrent

If you choose to start two franchise businesses at once, you have three options: Competing: start two of the same franchise, such as two Great American Cookie locations. They may be competitors in the sense that they might split the market.  Complementary: start two franchises that can support one another,…

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