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Why Franchising Will Thrive in 2021

As the world slowly but surely adjusts to our “new normal,” we at America’s Best Franchises are evaluating the franchising industry landscape. From our vantage point, the outlook seems positive. The franchising industry is experienced and resilient; technology has given us new ways to do business; individual franchisees can build…




What Recurring Revenue Models Mean for Franchisees
What Recurring Revenue Models Mean for Franchisees

Recurring revenue model. It’s quite the franchising buzz term. But what does it actually mean — and how does it affect franchise owners? Find out. What is a Recurring Revenue Model? You might have heard the phrase before, especially as you read up on different franchise models. A recurring revenue…




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5 Questions to Ask During Your First Franchise Call

So you’ve explored franchise opportunities and decided on one (or a few) that you’d like to investigate further. The next step is to schedule a call with the franchisor. But what do you talk about? We have 5 questions for you to ask during your first franchise call.   1….




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2020 Franchising Trends

As 2019 comes to an end, let’s take a look ahead. What trends and changes can we expect to impact the franchising industry in the coming year? Read on to find out which 2020 franchising trends we’re keeping an eye on. The Integration of Tech Technology is an increasingly important…




Millennials and Franchising: Opportunities for Younger Franchisees

First things first, who are millennials? Well, it depends on who you ask. Many reputable publications are in disagreement about an exact year but Pew Research says millennials were born between 1981 and 1996. They are the largest and most diverse living generation. We know that millennials generally have more…




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2019 Franchising Trends: The State of Franchising

The franchise space is experiencing rapid expansion. Consumer trends are shifting while technological advances are pushing franchisor boundaries – so much so, your friendly experts at America’s Best Franchises say it’s safe to expect continued growth in the franchising industry over the next few years. In the meantime, let’s take…




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Franchise Succession Planning: What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Planning to exit a franchise system is just as important as choosing to be part of one. While passing down your business to a loved one can strengthen your relationship, it can also be a pretty complicated process. To make the process even more complex, most franchisors must approve your…




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Franchising Basics: Understanding Franchise Territories

While researching franchise opportunities, you’ll come across many using verbiage similar to “ask about exclusive territories” or “protected territories available.” It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that “territory” means no other franchisees in your franchise system can open a location in your exclusive/protected geographic area. Unfortunately, that’s not always…




Must-Attend Franchise Trade Shows and Conventions

Choosing a franchise opportunity is a hefty task to conquer. It requires a massive amount of in-depth research. While exploring franchise websites are a great place to start, it’s even better to meet with franchisors in person. If you’re serious about franchising, consider attending a franchise trade show, convention or…




Are Franchise Businesses Poised for Growth?

The outlook for franchise businesses in the United States is strong. That’s the latest news from the International Franchise Association (IFA) in their latest report on United States franchise growth in 2016. The predicted growth isn’t exclusive to one industry. The report estimates that the upward trend seen in 2015…

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