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Sports Franchise Opportunities

Sports franchise opportunities include fitness franchises for men and women, health club franchises, personal training franchises, sports equipment, youth sports leagues, and youth sports photography franchise opportunities.

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Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise

Fitness Machine Technicians

Start a Fitness Machine Technicians franchise and benefit from a low cost, service based business.

Cash Required: $20,000

Soccer Stars Franchise

Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is one of the most popular youth soccer programs in the nation. We offer programs, classes, camps, and competitions for kids of all ages and experience levels.

Cash Required: $50,000

StretchMed Studios Franchise

StretchMed Studios

Be part of the Hottest, New Concept in Health & Fitness and Own a STRETCHMED for as little as $25,202.

Cash Required: $20,000

USA Ninja Challenge Franchise

USA Ninja Challenge

The USA Ninja Challenge franchise is the fastest-growing youth ninja program. Modeled after the American Ninja Warrior television show.

Cash Required: $50,000

Spenga Franchise For Sale

Spenga Spin, Strength & Yoga

Spenga, spin, strength, yoga is one of America’s fastest growing franchises.  We have 90 locations sold to date with more to come.  SPENGA is an unrivaled fitness experience.   Easy to operate!

Cash Required: $150,000

Club Pilates Franchise logo

Club Pilates

Club Pilates is the largest network of Reformer-based group Pilates studios in the world, with more than 750 studios open.

Cash Required: $100,000

MAYWEATHER Boxing Franchise

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is one of the leading boutique fitness franchise systems in the country

Cash Required: $125,000

AWATfit Mobile Fitness Franchise


AWATfit’s mobile business model is proving to be very lucrative.  We bring the capabilities of a gym to residents at their homes and into the outdoors.

Cash Required: $50,000

Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club

If you’re interested in owning a membership fitness club, TITLE Boxing may be the franchise for you. This is the nation’s leading brand for boxing, kickboxing and MMA gear.

Cash Required: $100,000

RockBox Fitness Franchise

RockBox Fitness

RockBox Fitness is way more than a kickboxing gym. It is a state-of-the-art boutique fitness studio in a fight-club meets night club fitness atmosphere. A proven model built to generate sales from pre-opening forward.

Cash Required: $100,000

9Round Kickboxing and Fitness

9 Round Fitness

9Round Fitness is all about 30 minutes of kickbox fitness. This business can be run with 1-4 employees and is easy to build out.

Cash Required: $30,000

Send Me a Pro Franchise

Send Me a Pro

Send Me a Pro is a mobile app driven marketplace that connects clients with sports trainers, pet care providers, tutors, music instructors , child care providers and more.

Cash Required: $30,000

Tapville Social Logo

Tapville Social Eatery & Self-Pour

Start a one-of-a-kind Pour Your Own Beer, Wine & Cider franchise opportunity.  Tapville Social is exploding with a popular KIOSK CONCEPT, a Mobile Kiosk and the Brick & Mortar Restaurant.

Cash Required: $50,000

The Exercise Coach Franchise

The Exercise Coach

A LOW-COST, SIMPLE to OPERATE boutique fitness concept that offers personal training that is designed to be appealing to the over 50 market.

Cash Required: $50,000

BFT Fitness Franchise

BFT Fitness Studio

Owning a BFT will propel you straight into capitalizing on the top 3 trends for 2020 of the US $80 billion fitness industry.

Cash Required: $100,000

IM=X Pilates Franchise

IM=X Pilates and Fitness

The IM=X® Pilates Studio franchise is a powerful brand for earning power with over 35 locations.

Cash Required: $75,000

N Zone Sports Franchise

N Zone Sports

N Zone Sports franchise is a proven, home-based, low overhead youth sports model. We offer national advertising, on-site training and support and multiple revenue streams that translate into successful businesses.

Cash Required: $30,000

100% Chiropractic Franchise

100% Chiropractic

100% Chiropractic takes the raw passion of today’s chiropractic entrepreneur and provides a foundation of business systems that offer unlimited potential and possibilities.

Cash Required: $100,000

Fundraising U Franchise

Fundraising U

Fundraising for high school sports is very important to almost every program. Own a Fundraising U franchise and benefit from a lightning fast start up and low overhead.

Cash Required: $100,000

30 Minute Hit Franchise

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit is the premier women’s only boxing and kickboxing circuit based fitness program.

Cash Required: $45,000

ICEBOX Cryotherapy

ICEBOX Cryotherapy

Be a part of the fastest growing franchise and coolest business in the US with Icebox Cryotherapy!

Cash Required: $50,000

My Backyard Sports Franchise

My Backyard Sports

My Backyard Sports franchise owners have benefitted from the COVID-19 impact. Individuals and families are staying closer to home.

Cash Required: $60,000

Fyzical Therapy Centers Franchise

FYZICAL Therapy Centers

Why should you invest in a FYZICAL Therapy Center Franchise? There are lots of great reasons but first and foremost it’s Profitability.

Cash Required: $100,000

Your love of sports can be your next business opportunity. Sports franchises include gym and fitness franchises, e-sports franchises and sports bar franchises. If that seems like a good fit for you and your interests, be sure to explore all of our sports franchise opportunities.

Gym Franchises

Gym franchises are an excellent way to share your love of fitness and sports with your community and they can range from all-in-one centers to specific, niche boutique gyms.

Specialty and boutique gyms provide your members with exactly the type of workout they want, whether it be rowing, kickboxing or group fitness. There’s a niche for it all. You have the opportunity to choose a gym franchise that you’re passionate about. Plus, as a franchisee you are likely to benefit from the membership model that fosters recurring revenue each month. Explore the different gym franchises America’s Best Franchises has to offer.

Boxing Franchises

Is boxing your favorite sport? If so, be sure to consider boxing gym franchises. Boxing has seen quite a boom in recent years as a fitness program. Many boxing franchises operate as executive leadership models, meaning that you will perform the executive functions for your business while your hired team of dedicated trainers teaches clients how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

You can join the fitness and sports industry by bringing a boxing franchise to your community. It is important to note that no two boxing concepts are the same. There are boxing concepts specifically for women or kids in addition to the more traditional boxing gyms. Find the boxing sports franchise that feels right for you.

Gaming Franchises

E-sports is the newest trend in gaming. And by opening a gaming franchise, you can dive into this burgeoning industry. Create a space for people to gather and enjoy e-sports events while you enjoy the benefits of this rapidly growing sector.

Online casinos are also exciting gaming franchise opportunities. As the owner of an online casino, you won’t have to handle cash or chips and your business will be able to generate revenue every hour of the day, every day of the year. Plus, you will be able to manage all of the executive functions of your business from home — or anywhere there is an internet connection. Is a gaming franchise right for you? Explore our gaming franchises to find out.

Sports Bar Franchise

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer while watching the big game? Capitalize on that sentiment by opening a sports bar franchise. In addition to serving up drinks, these establishments are also full-service restaurants dedicated to enhancing each customer’s experience. Sports bars are where communities eat, drink and are merry. By opening a sports bar franchise, you can be a part of those celebrations. Check out America’s Best Franchises’ sports bar franchise opportunities.

Are you ready to transform your love of sports into your own sports franchise? If so, continue to discover all of the sports franchises America’s Best Franchises has to offer and find the opportunity that perfectly merges your enjoyment of sports and your business interests.

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