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Sports Franchising and Fundraising. Make an impact in your community with Apex Leadership. Our youth sports franchises serve local schools through a ​​fitness, leadership and character development programs that not only builds stronger kids but also raises up to five times more funds for schools than traditional product-based fundraisers.

If you’re looking for a new home based career opportunity that allows you to provide a meaningful impact to America’s youth, Apex Leadership could be for you.

APEX Franchise Overview

Feel-Good Fundraising in Your Community

With Apex, you get a head start. We face no competition since we are the ONLY franchise in the fundraising organization community. Spark your business journey today without worrying about what the other guy is doing; Apex is the one and only way to do fundraising the fun way.

Apex Leadership Franchise

Our mission is to bring value to elementary schools – with fitness, leadership and funds. More importantly, bring value to your family by investing in a business that changes lives. If you have an entrepreneurial background, take your experience and tools and apply them to a successful, proven business model. And here’s what you get back – you get to give, you get to receive.

  • Apex is growing in a highly fragmented space with little to zero competition
  • Low start up, which often equates to quick ROIs and low overhead
  • We’re a “feel good” brand – we make a positive impact in the communities we serve, we help shape the lives of tomorrow’s leaders, and there’s an element of fitness
  • All that said, again, we are NOT a non-profit organization & our unit economics are strong!

Proven Youth Sports Franchise Success

With Apex, the opportunities for growth and good times are everywhere. Apex Leadership is a unique sports franchising option with a record of high financial returns. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

  • Average Franchise Revenue – $1.3M*
  • Recurring Revenue – 90%
  • Annual Industry Growth – 25%

*These numbers represent 2022-2023 data for Apex’s top quartile of franchisees.

Apex Leadership Franchise

Why Franchise with APEX?

Winning Strategy – Schools need funding and PTAs need a new formula that combines hassle-free fundraising while still netting large dollars. Our proven model allows our franchisees to become the one-stop shop for schools, parents and kids for building tomorrow’s leaders while simultaneously building tomorrow’s coffers.

Large Territories – Our large territories allow you to run multiple races in multiple locations. The number of schools available develops a scale that creates a sustainable business model for the long-term.

Need – All schools need money. Funding has been slashed, and many PTO parents who used to give their time and talent and money are tapped of each. The need has never been greater to maximize both money-raised, and doing it in a hassle-free, time-sensitive way.

Buying Power – No need to waste time searching for local suppliers because everything you need from jerseys to prizes to kick-off packets, is readily available and in-stock. Even accepting credit cards at great rates is a snap due to the collective buying power of our franchise network saving you time and thousands of dollars every year.

Apex Leadership Franchise

One Pretty Package – Each year your APEX corporate team develops a new curriculum and new prizes so that every year is fresh for the schools. This keeps the team motivated to teach new lessons annually, and the schools more willing to rebook knowing next year is the same if not more money, and a new ethically-sound, character-based curriculum for the kids.

Training & Support – By attending online training and live training in Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll be up and running in no time as our team of franchise business coaches will teach you everything you need to get started. However, that’s just the beginning. Your assigned Apex franchise coach will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you while marketing, purchasing, finance and IT professionals guide you with on-going support. Monthly team huddles will keep you up on the latest trends and new ways to grow your business. This is the power of franchising.

If thoughts of a proven business model, a family-oriented business, flexible operating hours and excellent income potential – all rolled up in helping to build tomorrow’s leaders through a character-based curriculum, and raising well-needed monies for schools, all sounds appealing to you, consider Apex! No fundraising experience is necessary. Apex is a home-based business with successful owners from many walks of life.


As Apex grows nationwide, we’re looking for seasoned entrepreneurs and community leaders to help us expand. Whether you’re looking to turn your community relationships into a business opportunity or reorient your career toward mission-driven work, our youth sports franchises are a fun and rewarding way to give back to ​​your local community.

Our ideal candidate is driven to build relationships, ​​contribute to the greater good by leading those around them, and creating a successful business. If that sounds like you, we’d love to start a conversation.

Apex Leadership Co. Franchise - The Future is Strong

“Love my job! I pinch myself every day for getting to do what I do. Would love for friends to have the same experience.”

Jason Lee

Lafayette, LA

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