Spray-Net Franchise

The Exterior Painting Franchise That’s Changing The Way Homeowners Renovate

3 reasons to partner with Spray-Net Franchise

  1.  Our innovative proprietary coatings & patented solutions give you the competitive edge you need.
  2.  The Spray-Network: Our proprietary, easy-to-use platform – makes it easy for franchisees to work smarter, not harder. No need to worry about juggling clients, jobs, and crews, because the network streamlines the entire workflow. Franchisees can focus on providing stellar service and making customers happy while the Spray-Network acts as their intelligent assistant, quote calculator, order hub, and business management tool. 
  3.   Our franchise opportunity lets you get your piece of the booming home improvement industry with little overhead.

Spray-Net Franchise


So you can build a career that you can be proud of!

Spray-Net is disrupting the exterior painting industry with our exclusive formulation to application™ model, which means we make the paint and apply it ourselves. By cutting out the middleman (the paint manufacturer) we deliver a superior, specialized service that our customers can’t get anywhere else. Our affordable, factory-quality results are in high demand; capitalize on that by investing in our franchise.

Innovative Coatings + Proprietary Technology + Patented Solutions = The Spray-Net Permanent Paint Solution



Spray-Net FranchiseSupport, on-going training and a proven business model that gives you the opportunity to run a successful business. Is this really a competitive advantage? While important, these advantages are a basic pass-to-play that any franchisor should be offering their franchisees. Spray-Net’s competitive advantage provides our franchise partners with strategic, long term value.

  • Patented Solutions – Better believe our weather-adjustable painting process is patented! As the owner of a Spray-Net franchise, you’ll be part of an exclusive club of professional painters who can offer homeowners a weather-adjusted painting solution using chemistry and software. We’ve also developed a patented custom vinyl solution for painting vinyl siding, which can get a bad rep for warping if approached in the wrong way.
  • Trademarks – Our brand messaging and intellectual property is protected, which means no one can claim Spray-Net’s Formulation to Application nor No Middleman Model for themselves!
  • Spray-Net FranchiseOur Coatings & the Spray-Network – Spray-Net franchisees aren’t the authorized applicators of another paint manufacturer’s product. Our franchisees are equipped with our proprietary, high-performance coatings that we formulate ourselves in-house. Only Spray-Net franchisees have access to our coatings… and only Spray-Net franchisees can deliver our signature factory-quality finish.  Our proprietary software isn’t just your on-site paint expert. The Spray-Network is a matrix of algorithms that helps you run your business. We’ve fined-tune our business workflows –from customer service to on-site production- so you can run your business with more confidence. The Spray-Network exists for one purpose: to make our highly technical and specialized service simple.

The Cost of a Spray-Net Franchise

The typical Spray-Net customer is a homeowner who actually isn’t looking for a painting service. The typical Spray-Net customer is a homeowner who first looks into replacing their siding, doors and windows. The cost of our exterior painting franchise is a reflection of that. We don’t offer homeowners a paint job. We offer them a factory finish that serves as a real alternative to replacement.

Spray-Net FranchiseWhere is my investment going, exactly?

Franchise Fee: This is what gives you the exclusive right to operate a business under the Spray-Net brand and access our proprietary products and technologies.

Starter Kit: Includes all the apparel, marketing materials, business cards and everything else you need to meet your customers as an official Spray-Net partner.

Training & Travel: Covers your travel and lodging during the first initial phase of your training, which takes place at our head office.

Equipment: All of it, from your spray guns, power tools and even our mobile spray booth.

Accounting & Legal Fees: Starting a business is sort of a big deal, so you’ll need a lawyer to look through your franchise contract and an accountant to crunch the numbers.

Opening Marketing: Aka, your grand opening plan. This is the strategic marketing plan we create to generate leads and start building brand awareness in a new Spray-Net territory.

Inventory: The minimum level of stock needed to complete your first set of jobs.


How can I pay for my Spray-Net franchise?

  • Financing makes starting a business more affordable than you think. Our proven business model and financial structure are pre-approved by major banks, which helps secure a business loan.
  • Our franchise recruitment team will also help you evaluate different financial options.


Get your slice of the $330 billion home-improvement industry.



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