Koibito Poke

Koibito Poke Franchise

Koibito Pokē, the award winning and highest rated Poke Restaurant chain in Arizona is now franchising throughout the U.S.! 

Koibito Poké was recognized as one of the Top New and Emerging Franchises for 2023 in the May/June issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

Koibito Poke Franchise

Founded in 2018, Koibito Pokē is run by Former MLB Pitcher, 3x World Series Champion, 2x Best Selling Author, Co-Founder & CEO of Koibito Pokē Todd Stottlemyre who helped lead the brand’s expansion throughout Arizona. The company aims to set itself apart from others by serving healthy food that has great advantages to building the body’s immune system — and by a commitment not to follow the standard but to become it.

Koibito Poke Bowl Franchise

Why Koibito Poke

Koibito Pokē is passionate about doing everything possible to ensure the long-term success of all of our franchisees. As our customers become more focused on eating foods that are not only good for you, but provide added health benefits by consuming them in their purest, natural form, we feel that Koibito Pokē is perfectly positioned to grow quickly. Our attention to procuring premium fresh ingredients will ensure that every meal is not only nutritious, but delicious as well.

Our business model is designed to maximize space and efficiency, while taking advantage of a dynamic layout to achieve a low-cost labor model. A positive culture that encourages communication throughout our brand is important to us. The Koibito Pokē executive team is led by Todd Stottlemyre, 3-time World Series champion and bestselling author. Todd is committed to excellence, coaching high performance, and is dedicated to creating a fun environment that encourages success at all levels.

  • Small Footprint
  • Delicious & Nutritious
  • Low Labor & Food Cost
  • World-Class Leadership

Koibito Poke Franchise


  • Customizable – At Koibito Pokē each guest is treated to an individualized “build-a-bowl” experience. With so many fresh ingredients to choose from, each bowl can be vastly different from the next.
  • High-Quality – The large selection of bases, proteins, toppings, house-made sauces and more — all are the freshest and highest quality.
  • Signature Selections – Koibito Pokē offers Signature Bowls that feature both raw and cooked items to offer more options to guests.
  • For All Dietary Needs – Vegan and vegetarian options are available, all sauces are gluten-free, and we even have a signature Keto Bowl. Our bowls work for any diet.

Koibito Poké (Koibito meaning “love” in Japanese) to show their bodies some love — by providing them with fresh, clean whole foods that are good for them and taste good too.

Koibito Poke Bowl Franchise Opportunity

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