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Pearce Bespoke Franchise

Pearce Bespoke is the only mobile, custom clothing franchise in the industry. We are a low-investment, feel-good business with huge margins and great cash flow.

Pearce Bespoke Franchise Overview

The Only Custom Clothing Franchise On The Market

Pearce Bespoke Franchising offers a unique traveling tailor experience without the hassle of maintaining inventory or a physical retail location. Our business is all about convenience and confidence, providing a “Perfect fit guarantee” with our custom clothing.

We cater to professionals such as lawyers, bankers, realtors, financial advisors, and business executives by bringing our appointment-driven trunk shows directly to their offices or homes. Our brand stands out for its rapid delivery (3 weeks), superior craftsmanship (including hand-made button holes and functional sleeve buttons), and affordability (starting at just $900 for bespoke suits).

Pearce Bespoke Franchise

“The only thing better than putting on the perfectly tailored suit, is being the one who made the perfectly tailored suit,..and thats something our franchisees get to experience every day.”

The Industry

The clothing industry is a 2.5 trillion dollar industry. It employs over 300 million people and accounts for 2% of the global GDP. It’s expected to grow 3.9% annually from 2024 to 2025.

Customizable clothing is at the forefront of the growth. Between 10%-30% of all clothing companies are projected to be fully custom by 2030. No inventory, no seasonal stock, no down season.


  • Low Overhead – no retail storefront, no inventory
  • Huge Market – 1 out of every 5 young professionals bought custom clothing last year
  • Low Cost, Quick Launch – 1099 employees, up and running in 1-2 months
  • Cash Flow – Customers pay 100% up front at time of purchase
  • Event Based – Event based foot traffic takes care of 90% of your lead generation
  • Training – No clothing or sewing experience needed. Our team of experts teaches you everything

Pearce Bespoke Franchise


Exceptional customer experiences are at the heart of what sets Pearce Bespoke apart. To this end, we provide franchisees with comprehensive training and support to ensure a consistent, high-quality experience across all locations.

Pearce Bespoke offers a comprehensive four to five day training program in Baton Rouge, LA that encompasses all of the following areas:

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Learn the intricate art of designing and crafting custom suits from experienced, skilled professionals. Receive training in everything from fabric selection to precise measurements, fitting, and finishing touches.
  • Exemplary Customer Service: Understand what sets Pearce Bespoke apart in the customer service realm. Hone your ability to provide exceptional customer experiences that foster long-lasting, loyal client relationships.
  • Continued Education and Resources: Adaptability and continuous improvement are crucial in any business. Pearce Bespoke provides ongoing training and resources to help your franchise stay at the forefront of evolving industry trends and techniques.

Who Are We Looking For

To truly thrive in this unique industry, aspiring entrepreneurs must possess specific characteristics that demonstrate their inherent connection to the world of bespoke suiting:

  1. Passion for the Craft: A deep-rooted appreciation for the art of custom tailoring is crucial, ensuring you remain dedicated to delivering a one-of-a-kind and unparalleled experience for your clientele.
  1. Attention to Detail: The world of bespoke suiting demands exacting standards and meticulousness. By possessing an unwavering commitment to precision and accuracy, you can guarantee that each garment meets the highest expectations.
  1. Client-Centric Mindset: Providing top-tier “white glove” service is at the heart of a successful bespoke business. Building lasting relationships and exceeding client expectations ensures your franchise remains prosperous and thriving.

Reach Unprecedented Success in the Bespoke Menswear Market with Pearce Bespoke

By leveraging the insights, resources, and expertise at Pearce Bespoke, you can build a successful custom suit franchise that stands out in the luxury bespoke menswear market. This eminent brand offers a wealth of support, from market positioning to financial planning and ongoing education. As you embark on this exciting entrepreneurial journey, partnering with a prestigious brand like Pearce Bespoke can make all the difference in reaching long-lasting success.

Pearce Bespoke - A Fun and Exciting Business

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