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Action coach FranchiseRunning a business can be easy. And simple. And profitable. It’s also one of the best ways to generate the cash flow and profits that lead to a great lifestyle for you and your family.

There are many reasons that more than 1,000 people have chosen to enhance their lives by becoming ActionCOACH franchisees. In fact, the business is truly what you make of it and that can mean something different to everyone.

  1. ActionCoach FranchiseWorld’s leader in business coaching: We are the number one business and executive coaching firm in the world.
  2. Proven system with 18 years in the market: We have the business expertise that comes from being in the market for 25 years. Our systems have been tested and proven and have been working for businesses for over two decades now.
  3. The size of our network: We are a large format franchise with over 1,000 coaches in over 70 countries – and growing. Our coaches are helping tens of thousands of businesses every month.
  4. A wide range of products: While our core product is one-on-one coaching, we offer a wide range of products tailored to help small-to-medium sized businesses.
  5. Brand position: Over the years, we have invested heavily (and continue to) in developing our brand.
  6. Successful franchisees (Item 19): While many franchises shy away from this, we have included Item 19, popularly known as the Earnings Claim, in our Franchise Disclosure Document. We take great pride in the fact that our coaches earn significantly higher income than those with other coaching companies and independent coaches.
  7. Happy franchisees: We have been consecutively ranked in the top 50 franchises by the Franchise Business Review on the level of franchisee satisfaction within our system.
  8. Ecstatic customers: We coach 15,000 businesses a week on an average, and the business clients we work with are ecstatic about the results we provide in their businesses. In a recent study carried out in Florida, we found that the businesses we coached received a $7.5 return on investment for every dollar invested in our coaching services.

7 Reasons to Franchise with ActionCOACH:

  1. ActionCoach FranchiseBE YOUR OWN BOSS

A truly rewarding opportunity! What you get:

  • Action Coach FranchiseThe opportunity to own the world’s number one business coaching franchise in a growth industry.
  • Two weeks pre-training.
  • Our world-renowned 10-day training in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Access to our Intranet marketing system.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Our library of marketing collateral that works.
  • Your own website that will benefit from our highly optimized global website.
  • Your own weekly group coaching webinars, weekly skills programs, etc.
  • Access to our world-class conferences and learning systems, and much more
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As the World’s longest-serving Franchise Partner with ActionCOACH (19 years), I can’t express how much ActionCOACH has changed my life for the better. The feeling of daily fulfillment, respect, and satisfaction, that comes from genuine success in business, relationships, balance and financially, is incredibly rewarding. The fact, that as a franchise partner, I get to pass on those gifts to others, through inspiration, education, and application, is like a miracle. No matter how much I give, what’s left, never diminishes; it just continues to grow and benefit others. Thanks, Brad Sugars and the ActionCOACH community worldwide.

Steve Leach

Action Coach Franchise Partner

12 years ago I joined ActionCOACH and it has changed my family’s lives – Our mindset, our impact on our community, the ability to create a sustainable business and increase our wealth. The training, the community, business model, culture, and processes are amazing. Thank you!

Monte Wyatt

Business Coach at Action Coach

It changes people business and life and it changed my life too. The support system is awesome and branding is strong.

Prijono Nugroho

Action Coach Franchise Partner

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