BIGGBY® COFFEE believes that owning a coffee shop is a higher calling. No other business brings so many people together and creates the potential to do exponential amounts of good in a community. BIGGBY® COFFEE delivers on the promise of gourmet coffee, world-class customer service, and non-stop community engagement. Steadfast reliance on systems to support people and share great coffee has allowed our franchise to grow to over 300 locations since 1995.


For millions of people across the country, BIGGBY® COFFEE is a way of life. Since our founding in 1995, our gourmet coffee franchise has grown to over 300 locations across 13 states, and the BIGGBY® Nation – as we like to call it – continues to get bigger and bigger with every cup of coffee we sell in every new community we enter.

Our focus on community is what makes BIGGBY® COFFEE so special in the $47.5 billion coffee shop industry. Unlike other coffee shop brands, all of our coffee shops are owned and operated by our franchise owners. The success of our brand, including our V-shaped recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic, is all due to how involved our franchise owners are in the communities they serve. They learn their customers’ names, their orders, they participate in local events, and they make their BIGGBY® COFFEE locations inviting, warm gathering places for people to connect over delicious coffee.


“We have great coffee – but every brand says that – what truly makes BIGGBY® COFFEE so special is our approach to people,” says Bob Fish, CEO and co-founder of BIGGBY® COFFEE. “We believe in supporting people in building the life they love, and that is evident in our franchise network, as well as in how we approach our consumers. Every BIGGBY® COFFEE location is the light inside the community, and that’s the thing that keeps bringing people back, and that’s the thing that makes our franchise owners successful.”

BIGGBY COFFEE Flexible Models

One of the reasons why BIGGBY® COFFEE is growing is because we’ve developed revolutionary business models for every setting, from high-end strip centers, to freestanding buildings, to non-traditional locations such as hospitals, travel plazas, airports, and college campuses. Most recently, we launched our modular location which is a prefabricated building with a drive-through. This model is unlike anything else in the coffee shop industry.

Our Modular Model

The model takes up the equivalent of eight parking spaces and is a drive-through and walk-up model that is designed to serve the customer on-the-go. In the COVID-19 era, this model is perfect for social distancing, and it’s also remarkably efficient to run. Because it is manufactured in three parts, it can be assembled in a matter of days, and it also can be moved to another location. By requiring such a small footprint, the model may also benefit from lower rental costs. It’s just one example of how BIGGBY® COFFEE continues to innovate our proven business model to stay relevant with the communities we serve, as well as to provide entrepreneurs who want to own a coffee shop without the high price tag.


“The different models that we have are about making more opportunities for our franchise owners to find great real-estate in their markets,” says Tony DiPietro, Director of Franchise Sales with BIGGBY® COFFEE. “By taking advantage of the best real estate, we can help our franchise operators become successful – and that’s our primary concern as a franchisor.”

Ready to Join Our Gourmet Coffee Franchise

BIGGBY® COFFEE is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to make a difference. With wide-open territory available in prime markets, BIGGBY® COFFEE is an affordable, low barrier to entry business opportunity that is designed to help you build the life you love. Are you ready to make the leap?

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