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Achieve greater financial health by partnering with an elite personal training franchise.


Core Progression FranchiseCore Progression is not your typical gym. We are a personal training centric, total body wellness, boutique style studio. By combining customized personal and semi-private training with group classes, wellness providers, and retail products we give clients a one-stop wellness shop.

Our goal is to change people’s lives for the better, not sign up as many members as possible to make a profit. Through experience, we discovered that big box gyms were treating personal training as an “add-on service” and not giving it the attention it deserved. Capitalizing on this oversight, Core Progression was developed to revolutionize the personal training industry where we match clients with trainers while providing unparalleled, results-driven training, nutritional education and preventative services like chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

We strive to deliver the best personal training, at an affordable price, so everyone can experience a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle and “Never Plateau.” By incorporating facility memberships, utilizing personality tests along with science based training that encompasses total body wellness, it is no surprise that we have experienced 10 years of consistent growth that has outlasted many other fitness concepts.

Core Progression Franchise Opportunity


  • Revolutionary Concept – With our unique approach to personal training, combined with wellness providers all under one roof; Core Progression is a franchise model unlike any other. We strive to deliver the best personal training at an affordable price point, so everyone can experience a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Core Progression FranchiseFacility Memberships – When clients become members at Core Progression they understand they are signing up specifically for personal training, not an open gym. Our membership model ensures clients will stay with the studio regardless of their trainer decreasing trainer turnover, and increasing customer retention rates.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams – We offer four different revenue streams- personal and semi-private training, group classes, retail sales, and room rentals to wellness providers including massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.
  • Low Stress Model – Large, corporate gyms need around 1,500 customers to be profitable, whereas Core Progression only needs about 100. This takes the pressure of finding hundreds of customers off the Franchise Owner or general manager and allows them to be more individualized with their clients leading to an 80% customer retention rate.
  • One Employee Needed – Owner-operators would be considered the only employee in their new Core Progression franchise, or a Semi-Absentee owner would need to hire a general manager. Outside of that, the staff at Core Progression are independent contractors which helps minimize payroll costs, workman’s comp, and health insurance.
  • Low Investment, Minimal Overhead – Unlike big box gyms, we do not have the overhead or equipment requirements that most fitness facilities need. By having a smaller footprint, contracting trainers, and focusing solely on personal training and group classes, we maximize our space to be the most profitable.


Core Progression allows you to own a truly unique fitness franchise, for less than half the cost of your average gym model.


Our studios have a luxury feel at an affordable price. The clean, modern, “industrial chic” design at each location enhances our client’s experience and desire to return. In carefully designing our studios for maximum efficiency, we fit into spaces between 3,000 and 6,000 sq. ft. This includes the main studio, group exercise area, locker rooms, office, and 1-3 wellness provider rooms. Our smaller footprint helps to keeps the initial investment and ongoing costs comparatively low.

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