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Chicago’s BEST burgers, fries and shakes have some of the industry’s BEST unit level profitability


DMK Burger FranchiseDMK Burger Bar is leading the charge when it comes to the evolution of burger franchising. Since our first store opened, in 2009, we have made it a point to treat the burger with the respect it deserves. Our burger franchise model delivers a winning product in an engaging atmosphere, sure to keep customers coming back.

Each of our award-winning burgers is made up of 100% grass-fed beef, artisanal cheeses, freshly-cut vegetables, and house-made sauces. With world-renowned fries, house-made sodas, gourmet milkshakes, and partnerships with your local breweries, DMK Burger franchises are garnering attention, nationwide.

David Morton, son of Arnie Morton of Morton’s Steakhouse, and five-time James Beard Award Nominee, Chef Michael Kornick, have teamed up with franchise guru David Grossman to bring DMK Burger Bar franchise to locations all across the world.

Together, these three gentlemen provide experience and a service that is unrivaled in the Restaurant Industry, let alone the burger franchise niche.


DMK Burger Bar is the perfect opportunity for new and experienced entrepreneurs, alike, to get involved with a restaurant with a revolutionary hamburger business concept. Partners David Morton, David Grossman, and Chef Michael Kornick are all legends in the restaurant and franchising communities.

  • DMK Burger FranchiseFlexible Footprints –  DMK Burger Bar is unique in that we’ve proven that we can be successful in a variety of flexible business models. With varying sizes, from as little as 800 square feet to 3,200 square feet and beyond, our Non-Traditional Site Models, our Mall Food Court Models, and our Full-Service Restaurant Models allow our Franchise Partners the opportunity to open up their own DMK in a variety of locations such as sports stadiums, arenas, airports, convention centers, and more.With our outstanding Leadership Team, you will have all of the knowledge and advice necessary to successfully navigate a DMK Burger Bar of your very own.
  • Outstanding Unit Economics – With multiple business models that have already proven to be successful in a multitude of locations, we’ve been able to establish a high unit economic potential. Investing in your own full-service DMK Burger Bar restaurant begins $494,000 with reported revenue potential of up to $2,400,000. This means that DMK has the potential to boast a remarkable sales-to-investment ratio of around 485%. What other franchise hamburger business has an almost 5:1 ROI?
  • Community Focused Concept – Community and responsibility are two of the most important ideas to us at DMK Burger Bar. We know that our success can be directly tied to our ability to connect with our local communities and we know that our customers care about others, their environment, and what they’re putting into their bodies.It’s for these reasons, exactly, that we emphasize the hiring of like-minded staff and why we also make it a point to sustainably source our meat and seafood


DMK Burger Bar is the Perfect Opportunity in the Restaurant Industry.

Full-Service Restaurant

Our Full-Service Restaurant Model allows our Franchise Partners the most efficient way to execute our full menu and a full-service bar. Serving alcohol provides our Franchise Partners with another viable revenue stream and also helps increase the amount of revenue that is made off of food orders, while keeping franchise costs for our Burger Bar low. Sitting between 2,400 and 3,200 square feet, this type of model is perfect for an urban, downtown or neighborhood setting with good foot traffic. Total Cost: $494,000 – $779,500

DMK Burger Bar Franchise

Mall Model

Our Franchise Burger Mall Model is perfect for the food courts in Class “A” type malls – malls with little to no vacancies and high-quality tenants that pull high amounts of foot traffic. This is our smallest model, with a footprint between 800 and 1,200 square feet with a low start-up cost.

While this model may be limited to the hours of the mall, as a whole, many people are drawn to the predictability that this model provides: you know when you’re going to get into work, you know what to expect for lunch and dinner, and you know when you’re going to be done.

Total Cost:  $328,500 – $479,000

Non-Traditional Site Model

Our Non-Traditional Burger Franchise Site Model provides the most flexibility in terms of size and location. Venues such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and airports are perfect examples of where this type of model can be successful. We actually have one of our restaurants currently opened at Soldier Field! With low-investment, the non-traditional DMK Burger franchise costs less and offers a flexible footprint, generally between 800 and 2,000 square feet.

This model provides our Franchise Partners with the ability to open their own business in a location where they know they’ll receive high-brand visibility, high foot traffic, and high volumes of varying customers.

“What I like about DMK is I love the fact that Michael Kornick is a chef and knows a lot. All three of DMK’s partners are a wealth of information. They’re three phenomenal men and they’re really, really committed to my success.”

Caroline Michael

DMK Burger Bar Franchise Partner

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