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Hello Garage Franchise

Garage renovation is a $2 billion industry with no dominant player.  No Terminix and no Planet Fitness and the industry is growing at 5 percent per year. That is why Hello Garage was created: to disrupt the industry by redefining it and become its undisputed leader.

Hello Garage Franchise Opportunity

We started Hello Garage, a company focused on transforming homes by perfecting the things that make the most impact in any garage: flooring, storage and accessories.

Backed by more than 40 years’ experience in the home-service contracting industry, we set out to make the Hello Garage experience so remarkable, you’ll want to tell your friends about it. So, our obsessive garage nerds spent a ton of time researching and eliminating different floor coating formulations.

Hello Garage Franchise

Flooring, Storage & More

They inspected and rejected countless cabinet and slatwall designs.

While that was happening, our customer care guides were figuring out how to provide an experience unlike anything anyone’s ever had before—one that would raise the bar for all contractors, from plumbers to landscapers. And when those two things came together… whoa.

We knew we had something that would really open up the possibilities.

Then we had to tell the world: Hello Garage.

You probably know the drill about being your own boss.

That’s true, of course, but while you’d go into business for yourself, the key is, you wouldn’t be going to business by yourself.

That’s because the hard part—the product mix, the branding, the marketing—that’s all been done. You just need to put together a team of Garage Gurus and start helping your neighbors reimagine their garages.

Hello Garage Franchise


Flooring: When it comes to renewing garage floors, there’s really only one type of flooring you want: Polyaspartic.

It’s a big word, but it’s a technology that’s been used commercially for decades and is now available for residential garages.

The HG Polyaspartic Floor Coating System consists of three main parts: a base coat, decorative flake and a durable top coat. The system is installed in five steps.

Storage: Professionally installed Hello Garage cabinets are reassuringly tough yet surprisingly refined.

The HG Cabinet System consists of several parts, including cabinets, drawers, doors, work surface and hardware. The system is installed in five steps.

Accessories: Who doesn’t like to accessorize? After all, how else do you truly make something your own?

A newly reimagined garage is no different. So, whether it’s brightening a space with adjustable lighting or racking a bikes and skis on some cut-to-fit slatwall, we’re the one-stop source for garage customization.

Join the Hello Garage Family!

We grew up in Omaha, Neb. but we’re spreading the word that it’s time to elevate the garage from junk drawer to front door! We take garages seriously, but when it comes to our people, we’re all about the fun. That’s because we love what we do, and it shows.

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