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K9 Resorts Franchise –  Our Story

K9 Resorts FranchiseLifelong animal lovers, the brothers began their journey in 1999 with a small pet-sitting business. In 2002, Steven attended an international pet sitters conference and learned that high-end, luxury pet care was in demand.

From that day forward, they’ve been researching and perfecting every aspect of pet care, eliminating the reasons dogs leave other facilities sick, dirty, and stressed.

Since opening their first location in Fanwood, NJ in 2005, a loyal clientele of happy pet parents and their pampered companions have helped K9 Resorts become a multi-award-winning business.

With guidance from SMB Franchise Advisors, one of the top consulting firms in the country, K9 Resorts began franchising in 2011. As of 2018, there are 15 locations in five states with many more in immediate development.

As the finest boarding and daycare environment in the industry, K9 Resorts is bringing stress-free, guilt-free care to dogs and families everywhere.

K9 Resorts Franchise

Why K9 Resorts Franchise

Revenue is at record levels and has grown steadily over the past five years—fueled in large part by increased spending on pet services. Better yet, the American Pet Products Association reports that the pet industry is recession-proof1.

The Breakdown

K9 Resorts FranchiseEmployment is at record lows, dual-income households are the norm, and high-quality pet care is in demand. Nearly 65% of U.S. households have at least one dog and Americans spend $70 billion on their pets annually.

Millennials, in particular, are treating their pets like family members and are willing to invest in premium products and services.

  • 72% of millennials have pets1
  • Average annual spending per pet is $1,2852
  • Social media pet influencers are flourishing

Baby boomers, who are often empty nesters, are also big pet lovers. In fact, they were the first generation to bring animals indoors and treat them like family.

  • 40% of baby boomers have pets3
  • 90% of boomers say dogs have a positive impact on their lives3
  • The 55+ population spends more, year over year, on pet care and services3

Not surprisingly, the pet services industry has grown steadily for 25 years with no signs of slowing down. K9 Resorts is proud to be part of that growth, creating stress-free environments for dogs—and lucrative business opportunities for franchisees.

K9 Resorts Franchise

Care & Operations

Care for Pets

Providing the ideal, stress-free environment for pets takes precision. We achieve this through customized programs suited to each dog’s temperament, ultra-hygienic cleaning methods, and the most luxurious accommodations in the industry.

Care for Franchisees

Providing a scalable business model means refining every aspect of ownership—from location selection to training to growth strategies. Franchisees benefit from:

  • Elite Business Systems
  • Real Estate Selection
  • Industry-Leading Training
  • Solid Marketing
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Straightforward Financing


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