Kennedy’s Barber Club

Kennedy's Barber Club Franchise

We are an upscale membership based men’s grooming club. We combine a classic barbershop with a club atmosphere. Our members and guests can enjoy a classic shave, haircut (shampoo, head massage, hot towels), a game of billiards, gaming, and a beverage of their choice (beer, wine, soft drinks) in our member lounge.

Kennedy’s Barber Club Franchise

We deliver the finest men’s grooming, our barbers are passionate artists. We continuously support our franchises in the understanding that they are in the barber recruitment and membership sales business. We are fortunate that our barbers take care of delivering to the public side of our business, while our franchisees are tasked with recruiting, providing leadership and membership sales.

Our concept is simple and clean, with very little COG’s (only for hair and shave product that we retail for 100% + profit). The biggest expense is labor. The networking for the members and the franchisee are a huge benefit.

Men’s grooming products generated sales of $192 million in 2015 and a 9% current value increase over 2015. Growth was fueled by demand for shaving related products and deodorants as well as the product novelty of men’s skin care and hair care products.

Kennedy's Barber Club Franchise

Benefits of Our Membership Model

  • Rapid break-even
  • Replacement Income
  • Strong residual income
  • People who perceive themselves as Members spend at least twice as much as customers
  • People who perceive themselves as Members typically patronize the business more frequently
  • Membership stabilizes owner income
  • Members are more likely to refer new customers
  • Your Equity – Membership makes your business more valuable and more saleable

Kennedy's Barber Club Franchise


Owner Operator 

Our owner operator franchisees will lead a group of grooming professionals and membership sales consultants while also hosting members in a productive and exciting environment. As the owner operator, our franchisee will have the opportunity to host and network with club members on a daily basis. The owner operator will lead our grooming consultants and membership sales consultants into a successful performance model appropriate for the brand.

Absentee Owner

Our absentee franchisees usually rely on a quality general management team to carry out and deliver all necessary operational procedures. The absentee owner directs the general manager by using performance and membership models to set goals for staff.

No Prior Barbering Experience Necessary!


  • Savvy, business leader who will recognize the scalability of the brand
  • Sales background, or desire to learn sales
  • Cares about grooming

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