KIDS FIRST Swim Schools

Kids First Swim Schools Franchise

Own a lucrative business and still be in the education field. Kids First Swim Schools are schools focused on teaching kids how to swim.  Every child in America needs to learn how to swim. The market is all children.  Kids First Swim Schools has 39 locations along the East Coast and we teach 150,000 students each year.

Kids First Swim Schools Franchise Features & Benefits

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools is the world’s largest provider of children’s swimming instruction, operating 39 locations across seven states and teaching over 150,000 students annually. Come join the world’s leading, and also the best, provider of swimming instruction. With KIDS FIRST, you will have your own specially designed and built teaching pool and facility, our trademarked KIDS FIRST/Kick First curriculum, and a dedicated support team with over 100 years of aquatic experience.



  • Proprietary KIDS FIRST / KICK FIRST Learn To Swim System
  • Over 17 years of a proven business model (intellectual capital)
  • Semi – Absentee Ownership
  • Recession Proof
  • Site selection support including lease negotiations
  • KIDS FIRST Construction Company will build your pool
  • Design layout of the pool and the entire facility
  • Extensive field training and support
  • Great ROI

Kids First Swim Schools Franchise


KIDS FIRST Swim Schools builds its own facilities using the KIDS FIRST Construction Company. Our construction company will build your swim school facility for you and the typical franchisee investment ranges from $630,000 to $830,000. Compare that investment to the investment required with other swim lesson franchise companies and you’ll see that you could build two or three KIDS FIRST Swim Schools for the cost of one of our competitor’s schools.


  • Someone who has unconditional love & respect for children
  • Intends to be actively involved in operating the business – meaning owner/operator or owner/part-time operator
  • Has some business background including sales, marketing, and customer service skills
  • High Standards of Excellence
  • Self motivated drive to succeed
  • Active in the community and believes every child should know how to swim

Kids First Swim Schools Franchise


Owning and operating a KIDS FIRST® Swim School will change your life in several very unique ways. Whether your dreams are to simply own and operate your own successful single location business or to build a multi-location organization (that can make your wildest dreams come true…….ours did), we can show you how!

Gary Roth, owner and founder of Kids First Swim Schools details the franchise opportunity.

“I have two children who both learned how to swim with Kids First Swim Schools. The Kids First / Kick First Learn to Swim System taught them how to become proficient swimmers. And as a pool company owner myself, I have been building pools for Kids First Swim Schools for the past three years. As a result of understanding the Kids First Swim Schools business model, and watching the company grow, I decided to open up my own Kids First Swim School franchise in York, PA. I am excited to become the owner of a business where every day, we can teach a lifesaving skill doing it the Kids First Swim School way.”

Dave Hofmeister

Kids First Swim Schools franchise owner, York, PA

“We decided to open the Kids First Swim Schools Franchise based on the fact that we had such a positive experience with Kids First Swim Schools at their Finksburg location. Our eldest son learned his swim-lessons at the Finksburg location, where we found that KFSS was based solely focusing on teaching high quality swim lessons. When we moved across town to a new City, we discovered there was not a Kids First Swim Schools, and had to enroll our son in a different swim school company, and we found that it was not of the same quality or consistency of swim lessons. This proved to be the impetus for us wanting to start our own Kids First Swim School Franchise location in our own City”.

Sakar & Anuja Kawle

Kids First Swim Schools franchise owner, Ellicott City, Maryland

“We knew we wanted to open a Kids First Swim School after learning about the trademarked curriculum and believing that every child should learn to swim. Families want their children to be safe. From the home office support at Kids First, to the follow up instructor training it has propelled us to having a healthy business. We can see the results of our children daily. Being an owner for 5 years, the retention of not only our customers but our students is high. We all believe in the value of teaching children and adults how to swim.”

Susanna W.

Kids First Swim Schools franchise owner.

“My husband, Michael, and myself, own the Kids First Swim School of Cherry Hill, NJ. Our children learned to swim at Kids First Swim School of Norristown, PA. We were clients there for 3 years. We loved what they had to offer, and the technique used to have our children learn to swim. Swimming is important in our family, as my husband swam competitively from 8 years of age, through his college years. We are also a very big beach family, so being in the ocean is just apart of our makeup.

We spoke with the owners of the Kids First Swim Schools, and they said they were looking to open a school in Cherry Hill, NJ. I am from Cherry Hill, so I thought this would be a great fit. I know the families there, and the area well, and we are right at home! Between our love of swim, children, and being a native, its been a wonderful experience!

This is our story….. Learning to swim is a life skill. Kids First Swim Schools makes that skill possible.”

Kellie and Michael Zirinsky

Kids First Swim Schools franchise owner.

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