Krak Boba

Krak Boba Franchise

Boba Tea (Bubble Tea) may be the fastest growing beverage concept in the world! Krak Boba creates delicious made-to-order coffee, milk teas, fruit teas, smoothies and specialty drinks.

KRAK BOBA Franchise

Krak Boba utilizes only the freshest of coffee, tea and beverage ingredients to provide refreshingly indulgent yet healthful drinks. You can customize each drink with real fruit and popular toppings—so you can add boba in whatever you choose, including smoothies, coffees and milk teas. We have a variety of different drinks that can be enjoyed by all ages! NO Cooking and NO restaurant complexities.

Inspired by the folktale of King Krakus and the Dragon, we set out to develop a brand that aims to unleash the potentials of all those we interact with. At Krak Boba, we believe in finding the strength that’s already within you. We believe in authentically expressing yourself and challenging the norm. We do that by making powerful elixirs to give you the boost you need every day, make you feel full of life. Because after all, you were born to rule!

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