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L.A. Bikini Franchise

Almost 2 Million Americans had professional non-waxing hair removal services performed 4 or more times in a 6 month period in 2020.

Why L.A. Bikini Sugaring Franchise

Customer and Business-Friendly Membership

  • Unlimited LA Bikini’s which focus on our primary service
  • Our sugaring technique allows for more frequent treatments which will lead to consistently smoother skin and less hair. If we can see it or feel it, we can remove it.
  • Our technique is proven to achieve permanent hair reduction through consistent treatments
  • After 6 months clients enjoy a lifetime of member discounts including our premier service, the LA Bikini
  • Builds a lifetime of client loyalty and retention with no additional contracts or pricey pre-paid packages

LA Bikini Franchise

The Advantages of the L.A. Bikini Sugaring Franchise

Outside of laser hair removal, waxing has been believed to allow the longest time between hair removal sessions. Sugaring has proven to be even better.

L.A. Bikini sugaring techniques result in less breakage of the hair’s root, leading to more thorough hair removal, fewer ingrown hairs, and happier customers.

L.A. Bikini’s sugar paste is made in the U.S.A. with 100% natural ingredients of only sugar, water and lemon. The sugar paste only adheres to the hair, not the skin reducing irritation and ingrowns.

It also attaches to shorter hair, making it possible for sugaring to be performed more frequently. While that sounds counter-intuitive to people wanting to deal with unwanted hair less often, it’s beneficial for two reasons:

  1. PREVENTS NEW HAIR GROWTH – Only actively growing hair follicles can be removed, so regular sugaring removes any hairs re-entering the active growth phase from the dormant phase.
  2. LESS LIKELY TO RETURN – The more times a hair follicle is removed at the root, the less likely it is to return at all. Over time, sugaring thins the hair, resulting in more permanent hair reduction.

LA Bikini Franchise

L.A. Bikini’s sugar paste does not adhere to the skin—only the hair follicle. It is also applied to the skin at a much lower heat than wax, so there’s less risk of burns. Sugaring minimizes trauma to the skin for a much less painful experience for the customer.

Because L.A. Bikini offers our sugarists competitive compensation, our sugarists are relaxed and committed to bringing their best to our customers every day.

This results in far fewer customer service concerns and builds a loyal following of clients for every L.A. Bikini location.

Combine that with our smaller footprint for lower operating costs, and our franchise owners have an ideal small business that’s fun, engaging, and gives customers a great experience.

What We Look For in a Franchisee

  • Fun, energetic, and passionate about helping people look and feel their best
  • Has strong organizational skills and ability to follow proven system
  • Belief in a strong culture and positive work environment
  • Desires to be a multi-unit owner
  • Embraces entrepreneurism and wants the opportunity to succeed with hard work
  • Dedicated to superior customer service
  • Meets financial requirements

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