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Be Your Own Boss while breaking into the emerging Digital Marketing & Website Design Industry with MINIERI AND COMPANY. This is an amazing home-based business with six-figure sales potential. We provide extraordinary training and support and their is NO Experience Needed. 

Join MINIERI AND COMPANY and own your own Digital Marketing & Website Design Franchise

Home Based Digital Marketing Agency Franchise Opportunity

Minieri & Company Franchise Benefits:

  • Be Your Own Boss – Take control of your life, your time, and your earning potential with Minieri & Company! Franchisees are independent business owners and entrepreneurs who utilize our unique training systems and business methods to gain a competitive advantage!
  • Path to Success – Our proprietary business model provides you with a structured path to help you reach six-figure sales goals in a reasonable time frame. Our unique approach to marketing and sales allows you to begin benefitting day one!
  • Work from Anywhere – Say good-bye to your stuffy cubicle and traditional work environments and say hello to meaningful and rewarding work that can be done from home, at the park, at your favorite coffee house or even while on vacation!

A Franchise Opportunity Under $20,000

Do you have experience with or an affinity for marketing, sales, communications or public relations? Do you have a creative side that you’d like to enhance or cultivate? If yes, then a Minieri & Company home-based franchise business might be the perfect fit for you! Our advanced training and support systems teach you what you need to know to get you up to par with modern marketing strategies and methods. Contact us today for a personal interview and discover all we have to offer you!

Are you considering starting your own business? If so, it’s important to choose a business model that is going to enable you to meet the personal, professional and financial goals you’ve set for yourself. Minieri & Company home-based franchises are designed to help our franchisees enjoy an exciting and creative professional lifestyle with a healthy work-life balance.

While becoming an entrepreneur, especially for the first time, can be exciting, it can also be very challenging, lonely and risky. Franchising can be a great way to bridge the gap as it gives you a proven model to follow, helps you avoid costly trial and error, and gives you a support team vested in your success. You may be in business for yourself, but with Minieri & Company you are not in business by yourself!

Minieri & Company Digital Marketing Agency

Personal Growth Through Training

  1.  Extensive Training – Once aboard, new Minieri & Company franchisees are enrolled in our extensive marketing and digital marketing training program. We teach you what you need to know to get your business setup, connect with your first new clients, and deliver exceptional work!
  2. Ongoing Training – After graduating from our initial training program you will continue to receive personalized, one-on-one mentoring and training on a monthly basis with the goal of bettering your skills, growing your business and reaching the milestones you’ve set for yourself.

A Company Fourteen Years in the Making

Minieri and Company FranchiseFourteen years ago I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. I was an artist in my twenties and was flat broke. In an act of desperation, I took my last $30 to print flyers for my new business which surprisingly led to my first few customers. I reinvested every penny the business produced into marketing, and not cheap DIY marketing, but professional marketing that actually works. I paid professionals to help me and while the results were amazing, it would not have been possible had I not been committed to building my company properly.

That company grew and thrived. Year two hit a quarter million in sales, year three just under half a million, and by year seven we exceeded over one million in sales. At its peak, we had fifteen locations and about 50 employees that were producing millions in annual revenues. It soon became time to sell.  We considered several offers and eventually settled on one that gave us a seven figure return.**

We took some time off, had a beautiful baby girl, and did a bit of traveling. When it came time to plan out our next business venture, we decided we wanted to pursue marketing and branding as those were the skills we developed that we believed made the greatest impact on our success. We had learned first-hand what it takes to grow a real business through fierce marketing and innovative branding. It was then that Minieri & Company marketing agency was born.

We’ve spend the past few years developing our startup marketing agency into a flourishing company. Now, we are excited to announce that we are offering franchise opportunities for individuals who want to own their own home-based marketing agency! Our franchisees desire to help other business owners succeed by utilizing the unique marketing methods and tools we have developed over the past fourteen years. As a franchisee, here’s what we have to offer you:

  • A unique business model and system that produced over $94,000 in sales for us in our first 12 months and over $177,000 in sales for months 13 through 24.*
  • A business model with the above sales that is home-based with low overhead and flexible hours, giving you freedom and control over your life.
  • Franchisors who are willing to personally coach and guide you on your journey to success; and who bring with them a fourteen year track record of success and numerous professional accolades such as the Young Entrepreneur Council ( and Forbes.
  • Robust initial training and personal one-on-one ongoing training for you in modern marketing strategies, digital marketing, website development and brand design strategies; as well as annual conferences and numerous networking opportunities.
  • A low initial investment, exclusive franchisee territories and a flat monthly royalty with no risk of increases and no penalties for succeeding.

If this sounds great, but you feel you lack the skills necessary to operate a marketing agency, then fear not! Our extensive initial training will transform you from a reluctant newbie into a confident marketing superstar! To keep your new found skills growing, we provide personal one-on-one training and complete support from our full service agency.

Thanks for getting to know us and thanks for considering a Minieri & Company franchise! 

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