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The Eco-Friendly, Mowbot robots are state-of-the-art. Using advanced sensors and self-charging technology, they never require even a drop of gasoline. Our mowers, equipment, and vehicles are battery-powered; as such, they use less energy than the equipment of traditional lawn care companies.

MowBot Franchise Information

Mowbot has a unique advantage in the current market due to our previous experience in franchising, our world-class team, and our head start in the market.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the franchise industry and access to a fully established franchise support infrastructure. Our world-class team has a unique combination of skills and experience such as building technology companies, creating a nationwide franchise network, international business experience in the U.S and Europe, and many other entrepreneurial skills.

Our franchisees are able to focus on their business, networking, and building relationships in their communities to win new customers. These local efforts are bolstered by the call center at our headquarters, which works to drive new customers to our franchisees.

Mowbot Robotics Franchise

MowBot Revenue Streams

  • Bot Only – With the bot-only model, you install a robotic mower in the customer’s yard, and then maintain and service the mower owned by you. The customer handles their own edging, trimming, and other yard maintenance or hires another entity that offers these services. Bot-only is a higher investment in equipment and lower investment in personnel.
  • Full Service Lawn Care –  In this model, full-service lawn care is provided using robotic mowers. The services offered could include edging, trimming, leaf blowing, and all types of seasonal services such as mulch, aeration, fertilization, weed control, and more. Full-service lawn care is a higher investment in equipment and personnel.
  • Installation & Maintenance Services – This option offers installation services as well as service and maintenance contracts to end-users who bought their own robotic mower. It’s an add-on revenue stream to bot-only or full-service lawn care.

Mowbot Lawn Care Franchise


Mowbot utilizes an award-winning and proven franchise support team with a track record of success and a passion for helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams through franchising.


  • Pre-Opening Assistance – Our Jumpstart program will guide you through the journey from signing your Mowbot franchise agreement all the way to the grand opening of your business.
  • Call Center – Our call center is the jewel of our franchise support. Mowbot handles all customer inquiries, converts them into scheduled appointments, and helps manage the customer relationship. Knowledgeable call center representatives deliver a world-class customer experience.
  • Coaching – Qualified and industry-leading affiliate partners combined with Mowbot franchise business coaches drive accountability to every aspect of the organization.
  • Platform – An innovative and complete web-based business platform manages field service and provides Mowbot franchise owners with real-time business intelligence for maximum efficiency and flawless service delivery.
  • Marketing – Our call center and in-house marketing support will help you get established quickly. We recognize the majority of our franchisees are not marketing experts, which is why Mowbot helps manage your digital marketing and lead generation for as long as you’re a part of our franchise family.
  • Training – Mowbot franchisees visit our training facility in North Carolina for one full week of training. Our program focuses both on learning how to run a business, as well as technical training related to installing robots, maintenance, and repair. We will help you master the business model.


Mowbot FranchiseLandscaping is a $99 billion industry. Lawn maintenance comes in at $40 billion. Commercial mowing (including office parks, sports complexes, etc.) makes up $22.4 billion of lawn maintenance, while residential represents the remaining $17.6 billion.

The global robotic lawn mower market is estimated to reach $3 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 15% from 2017-2023. Additional features such as smart navigation, laser vision, lawn memory, and a mapping function will improve the efficiency and performance of these advanced devices.

Drivers for market growth include:

  • An increasing focus on grounds maintenance services
  • A rising number of lifestyle communities and public parks
  • A growing interest in environmental solutions in the lawn-care space
  • A decrease in labor’s willingness to work on lawn-service crews

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