P.volve Fitness Studio Franchise

P.volve, the clinically backed fitness brand known for rounding out your glutes and addressing your everyday pain is opening up its groundbreaking method to new franchise partners as it looks to grow in major markets across the country.

P.volve Fitness Studio Franchise Opportunity


Our franchise model is shaking up the boutique fitness industry with a modern approach that provides exceptional value to our franchisees and their members. We’re built differently, from our one-of-a-kind method to our highly developed digital platform. Your customers won’t be able to get enough of it.


P.volve has company-owned studios currently in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and a huge social media following that includes celebrities and fitness fanatics like Kate Bosworth, Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential, Venus Williams, Molly Sims and many more, P.volve’s hybrid model of a global on-demand platform and an in-person high-end studio experience focuses on giving clients the chance to move with purpose, and meets them where they are (in home or in studio). The method that pairs its patented equipment line with functional movements designed to strengthen your core, improve mobility and posture and reduce everyday pain focuses on challenging the traditional norms of fitness.

P.volve Franchise


  • METHOD AND TRAINING – low impact, high- intensity training that reduces pain.
  • DYNAMIC JOINT MOVEMENT – We believe traditional fitness has dropped the ball, leaving most people with injuries, pain and empty notions of what it means to be “fit”. Instead, we’ve developed a method that works with the body’s mechanics to activate whole muscles, reduce pain, and help members achieve the body of their dreams. Our accessible method and programs are developed with the help of our clinical advisory board, a panel made up of doctors and medical experts.
  • RESISTANCE-BASED EQUIPMENT – Your studio will be stocked with our entire suite of specialty equipment. Every piece—from the patented p.ball to our best-selling hand weights—was designed with total-body results in mind and to move the body the way it was truly meant to move. After class, your customers will even be able to purchase equipment of their own to take home with them.
  • ON-DEMAND & VIRTUAL WORKOUTS – We were virtual before it was cool. When members join your studio, they’ll also get access to a robust digital platform with hundreds of on-demand videos and structured series. Plus, they can join classes in our Live Virtual Studio to replicate the in-studio experience at home. This not only adds value to your studio memberships, but also helps increase brand awareness and retention.

P.volve Franchise

Your New P.volve Fitness Studio


Every P.volve studio balances upscale architectural design with an inclusive atmosphere to make customers feel at home. Think high ceilings, lots of natural light and energizing playlists to appeal to people searching for a sophisticated studio that feels both calming and motivating.

Unlike traditional gyms, your studio fits into an economical 3,000 sq.ft., making it easier for you to find a favorable lease in your ideal area. It will feature a single studio, lobby, retail area, bathroom, and office space for you and your team. Our studios perform best in ground floor locations in an area with 50,000 potential P.volve members. Placing your studio near other luxury services could also positively impact membership.

“We believe traditional fitness has dropped the ball, leaving most people with injuries, pain and empty notions of what it means to be ‘fit. Our method is grounded in functional movement to mimic the way your body moves in real world situations. We co-create our fitness content with our clinical advisory board and are committed to bringing a more educated approach to fitness to consumers and our studios play such a huge part of that delivery.” Rachel Katzman, co-founder at P.volve


  1. OMNI-CHANNEL PLATFORM – With an in-person membership, your customers will also get access to a robust on-demand digital platform and live classes to work out from home.
  2. PROPRIETARY METHOD & EQUIPMENT – The combination of our method and equipment offers what no one else does: real fitness solutions that help people know their body better.
  3. MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS – Maximize revenue with various membership options ranging from class packs to hybrid memberships and in-studio equipment and retail sales.


Since our start, P.volve has gained the attention of the media, fans, and entrepreneurs, each looking for a best-in-class boutique fitness studio. With a radically effective method and industry differentiators that bring exponential value, we’ve made quite the splash in the fitness space.

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