Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Perkins Franchise

Perkins is one of the most famous names in all-day breakfast restaurant franchises, partially because we’ve been around since 1958! Did you know that breakfast items typically cost less to make which leads to higher profit margins for our franchisees. As breakfast items often make up the majority of our sales, this is a win-win for Perkins franchisees and customers alike!

Perkins RESTAURANT & BAKERY Franchise

Perkins started out as a pancake house in 1958, but we soon expanded to become a popular restaurant and bakery franchise that offers a full menu at any time of day. Not only is our menu popular with diners, customers love that they can purchase bakery items to take home and enjoy with family and friends. Our franchise opportunity allows qualified investors to leverage our brand name and legacy into a winning business strategy.

Perkins Franchise


Having been in business for 60+ years, the Perkins brand is recognized by millions of Americans. In addition to that brand recognition, Perkins has a lot to offer franchisees, including:

  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Reduced restaurant franchise fees and royalties (ask us for more information!)
  • A New Store Opening Team to help you start strong
  • A popular menu served throughout the day


We know there are numerous breakfast restaurant franchises to choose from. As the restaurant industry has grown, we’ve observed that there’s a demand for businesses like Perkins that allow guests to order any meal at any time of day – breakfast for dinner is especially popular.

That being said, there aren’t many breakfast franchises around that can compete with Perkins. Some popular restaurants, like Cracker Barrel and Waffle House, don’t allow for franchising. Others, like IHOP, are popular restaurant franchises but can’t double as bakery franchises like Perkins can.

  • Perkins offers a competitive business model that allows qualified investors to break into the restaurant industry, even if they have no prior experience.
  • Our highly-regarded brand name is a major asset that independent owners can’t compete with.
  • Our popular menu continues to drive countless customers to our franchises across the U.S., every day.

Perkins Franchise


Franchise Fee:  $40,000

Total Investment:  $1.5M – $2.4M

Average Unit Volume: $2.49M

Franchisee Support from the Start

Our leadership team has decades of experience opening new franchises. We’ve learned a thing or two about how to help our franchisees thrive, and we know that their success is our success. We support our franchisees in a number of ways, from introducing them to our business model to providing guidance as they find the perfect location for their new restaurant.

  1.  Time-Tested Operational Systems – Time is money in the restaurant business. Restaurant owners need to ensure every process is streamlined and running efficiently.
  2.  Vendor & Supply Chain Support – Restaurants need to find suppliers that offer unmatched quality and competitive prices. The Perkins system has already built up these relationships for you!
  3.  Initial and Ongoing Training – We’ve designed our Franchise Orientation Program to help new franchisees learn the basics of what goes into running a Perkins restaurant. If you’ve never operated a restaurant before, this program can help get you up to speed so you can open your doors with confidence.
  4.  Marketing Assistance – You’ll want to spread the word about your new restaurant throughout your community, and Perkins knows just how to accomplish that.
  5.  A Team of Experts Ready to Help – Perkins franchisees never need to worry about figuring problems out on their own! Our team of restaurant and business experts is here to provide them with guidance at every stage.


There are many other great reasons to choose Perkins over our competitors, for example, the strength of our brand name. Perkins has spent over 50 years creating a strong reputation, and our franchisees benefit from this brand recognition from the moment they open their doors.

Furthermore, unlike other breakfast franchises, Perkins allows franchisees to leverage multiple revenue streams. Our bakeries offer customers the opportunity to stop in to pick up fresh-baked pies, pastries, and other goods, making us a popular stop during grocery shopping.

Perkins has also developed a comprehensive training and support program that we’ve designed to help franchisees get the most out of their investment. It’s our goal to help you succeed, and we work hard to give you every advantage possible.

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