Red-E-Bins Business Opportunity

RED-E-BINS is a full service bin rental and disposal company, part of a growing 81 billion industry. Become an operator today!

“Free Shipping on The Next 2 Territories Sold!”

RED-E-BINS Is a Full Service Dumpster Rental and Disposal Company

Bin Rental and Junk Removal that is RED-E When You Are!

Red-E-Bins has custom manufactured unique trailers and bins designed to fit in areas which conventional bins are not able to access. Our bins can be placed anywhere you can park a compact car.

Bins are carefully hoisted into place so your driveway and yard are safe.

  • Price per territory: $99,500 depending on the package you choose.
  • Low up front costs
  • No franchise fee
  • Price includes everything you need to be up and running from day one.
  • Waste removal is a growing 81 billion dollar a year industry in North America

What Your RED-E-BINS Territory Includes:

  • One hydraulic trailer 14,000lb gvwr electric brakes both axles
  • 235/16 inch tires including spare with mount
  • (2)7000lb axles
  • Toolbox and tarp
  • Honda gas engine drives the hydraulic system
  • Easy to use the entire unit was designed with ease and safety in mind
  • All controls are in a front tool box
  • Fully self contained hydraulic system powered by a Honda gas engine
  • One man or woman operation keeps overhead low
  • The lifting and dumping are done with the hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic stabilizer feet in the rear keep trailer level and reduce strain on the truck
  • Low capital layout compared to other business opportunities in the sector
  • One trailer can service around 30 bins depending on location size
  • Three day rentals or commercial contracts weekly or monthly

Red-E-Bins Business Opportunity


Total cost of your Red-E-Bins location is $99,500.00 This includes:

Marketing package, including:

  • Personalized Red-E–Bins webpage with ‘book now’ feature
  • (4) 15 yard bins
  • (6) 10 yard bins
  • (3) 5 yard bins
  • Uniform shirts
  • Business cards
  • Hats
  • Flyers

Red-E-Bins Business Opportunity

Protected territories

Monthly cost of your red-e-bins location is $20 per bin per month. We don’t take a percentage of your income, just a flat fee per bin per month. With our system you can purchase more bins and trailers at any time.


  1. Complete the form below.
  2. A Red-E-Bins representative will contact you.
  3. A dealer application will be provided to you.
  4. Once approvals have been given make a 50% deposit on your equipment.
  5. 3-4 weeks after deposit your marketing package will arrive. This will give you time to set up your phones, office and do some marketing so when your bins arrive you are ready to hit the ground running.
  6. 6-8 weeks from deposit your trailer and bins will arrive.
Red-E-Bins Business Opportunity
Red-E-Bin Unloading

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