Rosati’s Chicago Pizza

Rosati’s Chicago Pizza

Brief Summary

Chicago-based, family-owned pizza franchise established in 1964. The Rosati’s Pizza franchise currently has 129 franchised and affiliate-owned units in 11 states. With 72 carryout/delivery, 23 fast casual, 10 full service and 24 pub locations. Rosati’s locations provides Chicago-style deep-dish, pan, thin-crust, double-dough pizzas, a variety of pastas, sandwiches, salads and catering.


~ Get Your Piece of The Pie ~

The pizza business is booming. It seems that there is a new pizza store opening in every neighborhood of every state, all across America. In fact the growth is so vast that pizza has become a stand-alone 40-billion dollar industry all of its own. Of course in order for you to cash in on your piece of the pie (no pun intended), you need to start by choosing the right brand to run with. Rosati’s Pizza is the perfect brand. Rosati’s Pizza has provided delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more for over 50 years. Our family recipes originated in Italy and have become a tradition of quality for five generations.

Being a Rosati’s owner is not like being part of a franchise, it’s like being part of the family. Sure, we give you the same benefits and support as a large chain, but we provide it in a unique and personal manner. You’re not just a number to us; we are committed to your success. Prior to opening, our team will assist you in all facets of training-kitchen, counter, pizza-making, drivers and management. When the time comes for your exciting grand opening, there is not doubt you’ll be prepared. We will also help in working out many of the pre-opening bugs that may develop.


The pizza industry in America is feeding a lot more than hungry families. It’s a booming business that is gathering steam as Americans everywhere reset their out-of-home dining preferences to a new economy.

Chew on some of these pizza industry facts:

  • 97% of Americans say they like pizza*
  • 93% of Americans say they eat pizza at least once a month*
  • Pizza is the #1 dinner choice in the U.S.*
  • Out of home pizza sales in the U.S. have topped $40 billion**
  • Average Unit Revenue of pizza restaurants in the U.S. is over $500,000***
  • Pizza segment revenue is expected to double its annual growth rate over the next three years****

During the recent recession, pizza emerged as one of the only affordable destination dining occasions on the map. Rosati’s, by virtue of our 50-year history of successful franchising and multi-generational brand appeal, stands poised to capitalize on this trend with incredible growth. We offer a quick ramp-up, high-margin opportunity with multiple revenue streams:

  • Dining Room & Bar (Pizza Pub Concept)
  • Carry-Out & Delivery
  • Business to Business
  • Catering & Events


[$image3,right]In case you haven’t noticed by now at Rosati’s we’re not just a business, we’re a family—a family of people with big dreams and big hearts. After over 50 years of experience building this family we have noticed a few things that help make us a good “fit” for potential new family members:

Past Business Experience
You don’t need to have restaurant experience or franchise experience to fit in around here, but you will need business savvy and acumen. Bring your past business experience, your winning communication skills and your ability to work within proven systems. We’ll do the rest!

Mid-Western Work Ethic
This is not a business for absentee ownership. You’ll have to have that roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and an old-school Chicago work ethic, focus and attention to detail. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to make legendary Chicago pizza.

Family Oriented Folks
Sure, it’s our family name, but this will be YOUR family business. Many of our most successful franchises are multi-generational for a reason. There’s just something about the Rosati’s family culture that works for other families as well.

Does it look like a good fit?

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