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The humane wildlife control industry is growing.  The Wall Street Journal reports that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on nuisance wildlife control. The opportunity for success is already there. It is just waiting for you to grab it. Wildlife Control is a recession proof business. Animals don’t realize the economy is tough. Homeowners in times of recession retreat to their castle and spend less on vacations and luxury items. They protect their main investment, their home.

Is a Skedaddle Franchise right for you?

We are a unique, one-of-a-kind, humane wildlife control franchise. Our franchisees help home and business owners by removing nuisance animals, preventing future entry and restoring or mitigating property & attic insulation damage. We are the largest provider in Canada, with locations across Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec & USA including Milwaukee & Madison Wisconsin. If it has fur or feathers, is inside or under a home or business – it is our mission to reduce the conflict between humans and wildlife, while promoting the co-existence in our communities.

Are you a proven entrepreneur, an executive, or seeking a better work/life balance? Looking for a niche business with a unique twist? Our business is earth and animal-friendly that provides the chance to impact your local community, protecting families biggest asset (there home) while making money. Both residential and commercial consumers “need” this service. Urban wildlife invasions are an ever-growing occurrence as human populations encroach on animal’s habitat. Ready to learn more?

Skedaddle Franchise

Why Own a Skedaddle Franchise?

  • Own a scalable, home-based business that does well in virtually every market for an investment starting at just $89K!
  • Our humane approach to wildlife removal means that we’re able to preserve and protect wild animals while keeping customers happy.
  • Not many companies focus on wildlife removal, and even fewer of them do it humanely! Skedaddle is the ONLY franchise that does what we do, meaning more business opportunity for YOU!
  • No matter the state of the economy, there will always be homeowners needing help with unwanted animals. In fact, 2020 was a record sales year for us, since nobody wanted to quarantine with critters!
  • Looking to own a business but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Act as an owner-operator or oversee your Skedaddle business on a semi-absentee basis!
  • Multiple revenue streams, including attic restoration, pest control, and even holiday house decoration ensures steady work for Franchise Owners all year long.
  • Our corporate call center assists with appointment scheduling, customer service queries, and more—leaving you more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Skedaddle Franchise


While other wildlife removal and pest control companies may claim to use humane practices to responsibly relocate animals, the sad truth is that not many of them follow through on their promises, and families of wild animals get destroyed once they’re out of the customers’ sight.

That’s where Skedaddle is different!

We remove unwanted animals by hand, never using traps, and take care to completely seal the animals’ original entry point so they are unable to return to the dwelling again.

When animals are denied access to a den they’ve created, they usually have over 10 other housing options in the same area, meaning that they’ll simply move to a different location with their lives and families intact.

Homeowners get to reclaim their space and say goodbye to their unwelcome furry houseguests, and animals get to live their lives in peace with no harm done. Everybody wins!

Skedaddle Does It Differently—Here’s How:

  • Homeowners who call Skedaddle can expect a level of professionalism and customer service that “Chuck In A Truck” just can’t provide.
  • Customers who love animals but just want them out of their attic appreciate our ethical, humane approach to wildlife relocation.
  • Our Franchise Owners have access to cutting-edge technology like drones and infrared cameras to safely and accurately pinpoint the whereabouts of animals.
  • We provide homeowners with something our local competitors don’t—a lifetime guarantee!

Skedaddle Franchise

The Skedaddle Story:

In 1989, 4-time Stanley Cup champion Bill Dowd found himself looking for his next career.

After learning an immense amount about wildlife removal and the current practices in place, Bill founded his own wildlife removal business based on innovative and ethical practices called Humane Wildlife Control, establishing territories in Ottawa and Montreal while continuing to play hockey all over Canada with the Junior Hockey League!

Bill’s visionary approach to changing the methodology of wildlife control led to adding new services such as attic and insulation remediation, pioneering and implementing mice exclusion, and developing our proprietary “baby box,” a safe, warm transportation shelter for baby wildlife in need of responsible, humane removal with their mothers.

Over the next 20+ years, the business continued to grow as Bill moved the company to a commercial office and started hiring full-time staff.

In 2013, our company was rebranded as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control and we quickly awarded our first franchise in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As our presence grew, and we became one of the largest wildlife control companies in Canada, we were ready to try our model in the U.S.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin was the first U.S. franchise we placed in 2017 to test the waters. Due to its outstanding success, we have now decided to develop and grow our unique, ethical, and highly profitable brand across the United States.


  • Skedaddle operates within the enormous $380 billion home improvement industry which is expected to reach $454.6 billion by 2023.
  • Home improvement spending nationwide has grown at almost double the rate of the rest of the retail sector.
  • The wildlife and pest control industry is valued at $17.4 billion and has grown 5.2% annually since 2015.

Are YOU Skedaddle Material?

  • Are you a sales-oriented individual with a strong management background?
  • Are you enthusiastic and customer-service oriented?
  • Do you possess a growth mindset and a drive to build an empire in your community?

…If so, we want YOU to help us take Skedaddle across America!

Join the pioneer and leader of humane wildlife control since 1989!

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