Snowy River Cocktail Co

Snowy River Cocktail Co Franchise

A Snowy River franchise offers you the opportunity to build your own cocktail decorating business under a two-tier model so you can build your business the way you want it.

Snowy River Cocktail Co Craft Cocktail Bars Franchise

At heart, Snowy River is a cocktail decorating product manufacturing company. We use our products to create “eye turning” experiences both in-bars, at home or via our online platforms.

Our cocktail bars serve as a showcase for our decorating products and cocktail menus which in turns support local retail and wholesale sales as well as mobile bartending services.

Restaurants and bars of today need alternate sources of income and ways of growing their business. Snowy River Cocktail Co franchisees have the opportunity to do just this through an end to end cocktail decorating offering.

For us cocktail decorating starts in the bar but then extends to homes and businesses locally.

Snowy River Cocktail Co Franchise

Our Two Tier Franchise Structure

Tier 1: Distribution of Snowy River cocktail decorating products in a specific territory. Work from home or from an office, either way you are building retail and wholesale sales of Snowy River products and participating in ecommerce sales of the product as well. Mobile bartending can be launched from this Tier to allow more event style income.

Tier 2: Includes everything from Tier 1 with the additional benefit of adding your own cocktail bar to your territory. A bar (or restaurant/nightclub format) can be added at your option any time during the term of your franchise with our support and training.

This two tier format provides franchisees maximum flexibility in a number of ways. 1) For those not wanting to open a bar they can still build a home-based distribution business 2) investments levels are lower for tier 1 and 3) it allows more time to open a bar (if you choose to) given COVID-19 concerns.

Snowy River Cocktail Co Franchsie

“Even with outdoor seating, takeout and delivery, today’s bars and restaurants need ways to grab diners’ attention and create additional sources of income. Snowy River Cocktail Co’s point of differentiation is that we offer beautifully designed Instagram-ready cocktails that customers likely haven’t seen before,” says Stuart Cutler, founder of Snowy River Cocktail Co. “Bar franchisees are also welcome to retail and wholesale Snowy River Cocktails decorating products and our mobile catering services outside of the bar itself.  We have a large collection of cocktail recipes, with our mixologists creating more every month and we’re happy to provide support and training to franchisees. We also provide marketing support, including online advertising, a dedicated location website and Facebook page.”

What’s Included With Your Snowy River Cocktail Co Franchise

  • Territory – A territory for your bar location as well as for retail and wholesale sales.
  • Marketing – Local and national marketing to support the brand and bar locations.
  • Training – Initial training and ongoing support to help you run and grow your business.

Snowy River Cocktail Co bars offer a hip, colorful cocktail experience built around the company’s award-winning range of cocktail decorating products and high-end bar food. SRCC mixologists are continuously innovating and developing new ingredients and stunning craft cocktails that catch eyes, thrill taste buds and light up social media pages.

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