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Time To Eat Delivery Franchise

Time to Eat Delivery’s team of experts, with over 20 years in the food delivery industry, will create a customized, turnkey restaurant and grocery delivery business, train you, help you train your drivers with incredible customer service techniques and then walk with you as you grow and expand.


“It should come as no surprise that online food delivery is set to supersize to a hefty 900 Billion by 2025.” Forbes

Our Time To Eat Team Is There For You From Day One

We walk with you from creation to launching your business and then we continue to assist you as you grow and expand with no royalties or monthly fees. It’s 100% your business and you can operate that according to your vision.

Time To Eat Delivery Franchise


Substantial promotion currently running for qualifying individuals.  Ask a team member for details. 

  1. Basic Package – $54,500. Payment will consist of a $5,500 down payment, and the remaining balance is to be paid within 15 days from the signing of this agreement. If you are unable to make the full payment within 15 days because you are in the financing process, payment of the full balance is due within 3 months of signing this agreement. If full payment cannot be made within 3 months, we will issue a notice of release and your territory will once again become available for purchase.
  2. Regular Package – Normally $84,500. $74,500 if signed on before the promotion deadline. 
  3. Marketing Package – Normally $104,500. $94,500 if signed on before the promotion deadline.

Our three packages are designed to fit your budget. Your initial population territory in all three packages starts with 200,000 in the Basic Package. The Marketing Package is 400,000 vs. 300,000 in the Regular Package. Our team members will detail all of the package differences with you on your call.


Our team of representatives travel to your location to build partnerships with restaurants and companies on your behalf.


Because we utilize the largest delivery network in the world we have local and nationally partnered restaurants ready and waiting in your area who you will join hands with you to deliver for their restaurant. We are now working with Google Food Ordering so this guarantees orders for our clients.


Our country is desperate for a food delivery business that makes customer service it’s #1 priority. Because the nationwide companies hire just about anyone, you often get poor service. That’s how you would be different. Time to Eat Delivery’s team of experts, with over 20 years in the food delivery industry, will create a customized, turnkey restaurant and grocery delivery business, train you, help you train your drivers with incredible customer service techniques and then walk with you as you grow and expand.

Restaurants love working with our clients because they know their customers are being treated well and you will collect only 10% from them and not the 30% the nationwide delivery services do. This is not a franchise. It’s 100% your business.  No royalties or monthly payments. Every business we create is unique to our client. You can even add Pet Delivery, Personal Trainer Delivery,  Cleaning Service, Alcohol Delivery, Convenience Store Delivery and so many more at no cost.


We have a hands-on 8 week instruction and training program so that you can understand and be able to implement every area of your new delivery business.


  • Proven Model: Food delivery is one of the fastest growing industries in the US.
  • Almost No Overhead: No inventory to hold and no office to rent.
  • Flexible Hours: You can set your hours of operation and you will have drivers to conduct deliveries.
  • Work From Home: Regardless of how big you become, you will never need more than a home office.
  • Great Income Potential: Our current clients are making upwards of $100k their first year alone.
  • Fully automated delivery system: When orders come in they will automatically go to the restaurant and the delivery driver.
Desiree Malek, Owner, talks about owning a TIME TO EAT DELIVERY BUSINESS
Start your own Grocery & Restaurant Delivery with Time To Eat Delivery.

Our experience with Desiree and her team has been nothing short of amazing! They are literally there to support you and coach us every step of the way. When I made the initial call to inquire about this opportunity, I was blown away at all that this company does to get you up and running. I thought this couldn’t get any better, especially after seeing the price to purchase the business.

Gonzalo & Andrea

C7 Delivers

We started our business in Feb. 2018 and by the end of March we had completed 1,000 orders! We have made over $80,000 in our first 5 months. We are currently averaging over 120 orders daily and still growing! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to let Desiree and her staff get our business off the ground!


FSW Delivered Goods

We purchased our Business from Time To Eat Delivery this past January. Working with this company made business ownership a very smooth process. Time To Eat Delivery has a business plan that is by far the best for those who are seeking a small home based franchise style business. This turn key operation is well thought of, well planned and very well executed and offered at a very affordable price. They offer help for any questions that I have had with prompt and accurate attention to our requests. If they have not an answer, they find the answer. The owners of Time To Eat Delivery genuinely have the wants to make sure that the businesses they sell, succeed. There have been numerous times that they have offered information to me that another might classify as proprietary information and keep classified for themselves. If there is anything negative that would reflect on this company, it would be that they offer this business at such a discounted price. They could easily charge 10 times the amount of what they currently do. We owe this company so much gratitude for what they have provided for us.

Steven Adams

Richland, WA

What a great company to partner with. Desiree and her staff are very helpful, and I can go on and on forever about how great they are, but I will keep it short: Time To Eat Delivery is the best, thanks for all of your help. Great people, great training, just a pleasure to know Desiree and her wonderful staff, just a great company.

LaRon Law

Tampa, FL

Desiree and her team are amazing! I started researching franchises for months after a bad car accident. I had to reevaluate what my next chapter was going to be. One day I came across her company, Time To Eat Delivery. After giving it much thought and comparing her franchise fees to other similar delivery services… I knew this was the one for me. The process was seamless and Desiree and her team guided me through the entire process step by step. She explained how the business operates and the potential that I could make. When we first started 10 months ago… it was only myself and my business partner. It’s only been 1 YEAR and we now have 35 drivers and we just hired a manager.. Buying into her franchise was the best decision we could’ve made. . We work for ourselves now and the reward from all our hard work has paid off. We currently bring in about 10k a month and it keeps growing with each month. I love the fact that there are no monthly franchise fees and this is our company. We own it and no one can take that away from us! If you are seriously thinking about starting your own business and you love being your own boss. Check out Time To Eat Delivery!

Shawn Stewart

Nashville, TN

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