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(We recommend you watch our video as it offers a very concise introduction to the Trifecta CBD Business Builder)

You’ve surely seen all the roadside signs and window stickers of CBD Oil being sold everywhere. Whether it just hit you when seeing our profile or many times before, you’ve probably thought about what it would be like to get into this booming industry.

Trifecta CBD Business

Our System:

Trifecta CBD has created a whole new way to get into the Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis business with the Trifecta CBD Business Builder System. This system offers ultimate freedom, extremely low downside risk, the potential for high upside success, and the ability to leverage an industry pioneer’s specialized knowledge and training. The CBD market is booming, and you can get onboard the CBD success train for under $10,000!

Just like any industry, this one too has pitfalls, and there is a powerful solution. But first, here are a few of the pitfalls…

The Bad News:

  1. Finding a quality, reliable product that people get results from
  2. Getting great wholesale pricing on products
  3. Finding reliable merchant processing
  4. Finding a reliable bank account that is hemp friendly
  5. Creating a website that sells and doesn’t look like every other site
  6. Navigating the waters of FDA regulations
  7. And a ton more surprises

Trifecta CBD Oil Business OpportunityThe Good News:

  1. CBD has grown from $600 million in 2018 to $5 billion in 2019, and is projected to rise to over $20 billion by 2024!
  2. Companies have experienced up to 11,000% growth, fast, even in the first couple of years in business.
  3. Hemp and derivatives from it (like CBD) were made federally legal with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill.
  4. It’s a product that helps people with ailments ranging from stress/anxiety to very serious health issues.
  5. The market is not yet saturated and is the perfect time for entry.
  6. Consumer awareness is drastically on the rise.
  7. And much more excitement to come!

The Big Question:

How can someone avoid all of The Bad News above and capitalize on all of The Good News?

The Big Answer:

The Trifecta CBD Business Builder

Navigating through all the pitfalls, capitalizing on all of the CBD industry highlights, and staking your claim in this huge and booming industry is a perfect scenario, and the Trifecta CBD Business Builder System is the answer.

What we’ve created is a “Franchise-like” concept called the Trifecta CBD Business Builder, only without all the headaches. This Hybrid model offers the lowest downside risk, along with the potential for the largest upside success. We’ve already done the work for you and have a system that, along with our consulting, will guide you on a beautifully manicured path to staking your claim in the CBD Oil business.

Here’s Just SOME Of What Is Included In The Trifecta CBD Business Builder:

  1. Trifecta CBD BusinessInitial product package to get you going and selling right away
  2. Wholesale pricing for the best organically grown, high-quality CBD Oil grown and extracted in Colorado
  3. Enough consulting to get you comfortable with the industry and business
  4. Bulletproof Hemp Friendly Bank Account Referrals
  5. Bulletproof Merchant Account Referrals
  6. Website scan for industry compliance and consulting for proper website language
  7. Website design templates and referrals to the best e-commerce vendors to efficiently run your business
  8. Website design template installation, configuration, connection to shopping cart and additional e-commerce consulting
  9. Advertising platform referrals that are Hemp/CBD friendly
  10. And more!

Meet Luke Dreyer, the CEO of Trifecta CBD and a Hemp/CBD Pioneer:

Trifecta CBD CEO Luke DreyerHey there my friend, it’s great to meet you (virtually).

Ok, so I’ve been in this industry since 2014 when it really started, and have put my heart and soul into thriving and surviving this exciting business model.

(First, I’d recommend you view our video on the video tab)

I’ve been through it all – the ups and downs, the highs and lows. I’m definitely what you’d consider a pioneer in this space and maybe, just maybe a Hemp/CBD warrior; It feels like it at least.

Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The joy I’ve felt helping the thousands of customers I’ve helped over the last 5, going on 6 years has absolutely changed me. Not to mention the nice life this business has allowed me and my family to live. It’s such a dual benefit; helping people AND making a nice living.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I totally understand why you’re here on this page right now…searching for an opportunity. It happened to me too, a lot, until I found this industry. This is why I know that if anything in our video or anything I’m saying here is resonating with you, you’re in the right spot.

What I’d encourage you to do is get in touch with us so we can explain more about the Trifecta CBD Business Builder I’ve created to help you launch your journey in the Hemp and CBD space too.


  1. Booming Industry with projections of up to $20+ Billion by 2024
  2. Learn and get support from an industry pioneer
  3. On verge of breaking out of “early adopters” stage to mainstream
  4. Best of both worlds; help people and make a great income
  5. Products Federally legal in all 50 states
  6. Organically grown full-spectrum products
  7. Minimal staff needed
  8. Training and consulting
  9. Operate through e-commerce, brick & mortar, distribution only, or all three
  10. No franchise fees
  11. More freedom than a franchise
  12. Low startup cost
  13. Three startup cost price points to choose from
  14. Quick startup
  15. Infrastructure setup services and consulting

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Trifecta CBD Business Builder

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