Turbo Tint

Turbo Tint Franchise

Turbo Tint is part of Moran Family of Brands – one of the leaders in the Automotive aftermarket franchise industry. We’re founded on a simple idea: Americans depend on their cars, and they can depend on us. Our franchise owners create a higher standard of excellence for automotive repair service, and window film. Franchising with us offers you the freedom of owning your own business while backed by a legacy of success.


Turbo Tint is a focused brand that specializes in automotive and architectural window tinting as well as automotive paint protection film. Window film provides both cosmetic and functional benefits including heat, UV, and glare protection.

Turbo Tint operates in the proven automotive aftermarket industry. Car, Trucks and SUVs remain the preferred mode of transportation and the industry at-large remains necessary and recession resistant. Many people love their vehicles and for most, it’s their second largest investment after their home. This along with the number of miles driven annually creates an opportunity to improve comfort and appearance for customers.

Architectural film products include: solar/UV, privacy, one-way, glare reduction, decorative, window frosting and security films. Architectural tinting provides an incredible revenue stream and will enhance the Turbo Tint brand by diversifying its automotive products.

Turbo Tint Franchise

Turbo Tint Franchise Features

  • Multiple revenue streams and profit centers
  • Disruptive technology creating competitive advantages and improving customer experiences
  • High-margins with few employees and low inventory
  • Auto industry experience NOT required
  • Proven business system with over 50 years of franchising experience
  • Franchisor’s commitment to building positive franchisee relationships
  • Experienced corporate support staff with longevity and integrity
  • Control 100% of your local market advertising investment
  • Evolving automotive industry creates exceptional opportunities

Turbo Tint Franchise


  • Professional installation of window film, and paint protection 
  • High-margin products attracting a diverse and passionate customer base
  • Innovative business with online ordering and scheduling
  • All in One Auto and Home window tinting business

Function of the Franchise Owner

Franchisees will focus on community networking, promotion of business, vendor relationships and staff management. Some of this may overlap with the daily operations necessary for running the business such as inventory procurement or customer service depending on the role the franchisee will play in the business. The store is designed to be manager-run allowing the franchisee to own and operate multiple locations.


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