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Tutu School is a collection of boutique-style ballet schools that cater specifically to children 18 months to 8 years-old. Our mission is simple: We believe that exposing children at the earliest possible age to creativity, movement, and classical music will only serve them well in whatever they choose to do with their lives, that dancing like swans and Sugar Plum Fairies not only exercises little bodies but also nurtures big imaginations, and that twirling should be a fundamental part of any childhood.


Owning your own Tutu School gives you the unique opportunity to pair a thoughtful mission with an exciting brand, all wrapped up in the sweetest of packages.

Tutu School Franchise“Throughout my years as a professional ballet dancer, this school was always a dream of mine… In that dream I envisioned a quaint boutique of a ballet school that would provide a creative dance education experience for children, and a place where students would be urged to fully exercise their imaginations as well as their bodies.

Today, I am proud to say that my dream has been realized in each and every one of our Tutu Schools, all independently owned by lovingly chosen directors, and all boasting exceptional teachers and a carefully crafted curriculum.

We never take for granted the significance of our role in introducing children to the beauty and intrinsic magic of ballet, and that – as much as my original dream of Tutu School – remains at the heart of everything we do.

As we have said at the end of each and every Tutu School class, since the very first one in 2008, “Thank you for the music. Thank you for you the dancing. Thank you for the magic!” Genevieve Custer Weeks, Founding Director, Tutu School Franchises

Do you need dance experience to own your own Tutu School?

Extensive dance experience is not required to own your own Tutu School, but since art enrichment and an early introduction to ballet are at the heart of the Tutu School mission, a deep appreciation for dance is certainly a vital and guiding force for Tutu School owners. Tutu School owners without dance experience in their own background are supported by the training tools of the Tutu School system -which provide a comprehensive guide to developing successful, substantive programs- but they will also need to hire instructors with dance experience who can be trained in Tutu School’s curriculum; these costs should be factored into their business planning.

Tutu School Franchise

Our Ideal Candidate

A Tutu School owner needs to be energetic, motivated, and committed, and it doesn’t hurt if she appreciates things that sparkle. Certainly, she must play well with others, be responsible, balance fun with hard work, and understand the fundamental value of twirling in a child’s life.

I love the flexibility of owning my own company. I get to take my kids to swim practice and put them to bed at night, take them to school in the morning…really anything I want because I make my own schedule. I get to be a mom and a business owner and that is all I could have ever asked for. This is the best experience of my life and something I will never regret. You get exactly what you put into it. So, if you give it your heart, it will give it right back.

Christy Pommerien

Tutu School Franchise Owner, Redwood City, CA

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