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Unity Rd., the retail brand of ONE Cannabis Group, is bridging the two previously disconnected worlds of cannabis and franchising. The industry trailblazer is the first to bring the cannabis dispensary franchise model to the United States—with duality of prowess in both industries to back it up.

Built up from the legacy of Green Man Cannabis and infused with decades of franchise experience, the company helps eager operators enter the complex industry with ease. The marijuana franchise pioneer offers its partners the knowledge, resources, and ongoing support needed to compliantly and profitably operate a dispensary.

Unity Rd. is powered by ONE Cannabis Group, which is a Colorado-based, vertically integrated cannabis company. Recently, it was named one of the top cannabis retail leaders in the nation by MJBizDaily magazine. It also recently became the first cannabis business to earn a Franchise Times Dealmakers award—a recognition presented to the boldest players driving mergers and acquisitions in franchising.

Unity Rd. Franchise

Why You Should Become a Unity Rd. Franchisee

By utilizing our proven business model and decades of franchise and retail experience, Unity Rd. franchisees gain a roadmap for success.

This includes operational systems, best practices, depth of resources and business relationships, as well as national brand recognition and marketing support that allows entrepreneurs to flourish in the budding cannabis industry.

  • Unparalleled Support: More than a decade of experience in the legal cannabis industry, as well as a team of experts in franchising and operations.
  • Proven Business Model: We offer a roadmap for success, allowing entrepreneurs to flourish in an ever-evolving industry.
  • Award-Winning Expertise: Unity Rd. helps source only the best cannabis strains and products on the market.

Our Products

Unity Rd. ProductsFLOWER

With six High Times Cannabis Cup wins to date, Unity Rd. offers the highest-quality cannabis flower product on the market to provide the best possible experience to both cannabis connoisseurs and first-time users.


From aches and pains to post-op recovery, cannabis topicals provide many of the medicinal, pain-relieving benefits without the psychoactive effects that can be experienced with the ingestion of high THC. Our locations offer a wide variety of products to serve our customers’ needs.

Unity Rd. Franchise EdiblesEDIBLES

This tasty method of consumption is a great alternative to smoking. Cannabis edibles come in a large assortment of types and doses and can offer a wide variety of benefits.


If you’re looking for high THC potency and a fast consumption method that provides a quick and long-lasting effect, cannabis oils (concentrates) have become a preferred option.

Unity Rd. Franchise and You

Here’s the short of it—we have a valuable combination of resources you can’t get anywhere else. We have high-grade, exclusive products with impressive track records that speak for themselves.

Unity Rd. Cannabis Franchise

Your Success Matters

Those products have come to fruition at the hands of savvy industry experts who’ve worked, failed, learned, and succeeded until they became the best in the business. Our role is to provide you with proven systems, valuable resources, and a roadmap for success.

As a Unity Rd. franchisee, your role is to follow the systems laid out before you in order to efficiently run your cannabis business. However, the beauty of the franchise is that you have full ownership of your business, but we’re there as a support system guiding you along your journey.

Running Your Budding Business: Location and Employees

These are the vital aspects of the business, with which we have a track record beyond reproach. Our detailed process for hiring and training quality employees requires a combination of universal qualities all good employees have: honesty, pro-activeness, and dependability.

Once you become a Unity Rd. franchisee, our team will work with you on site selection, construction, marketing, training, and grand opening arrangements. The timeline will vary depending on location.

Our Ideal Candidate

We are defining the retail cannabis market and seek candidates who are passionate about the industry, have an entrepreneurial drive, and are committed to represent and help grow the Unity Rd. brand.

Does it look like a good fit?

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