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THE FUTURE OF FITNESS IS HERE. It’s proven. It’s measured. It’s revolutionary.

UPGRADE LABS Franchise Opportunity

Welcome to the Future of Fitness and Wellness

We are changing the way people take ownership of their health, wellness, and fitness. Until recently, fitness was a time-consuming and energy-depleting pursuit. The traditional method of fitness is made more difficult by busy schedules, a lack of training knowledge, and the lack of inclusiveness in the modern gym experience. To put it plainly, the ROI on exercise is broken.

Enter biohacking – the wellness revolution of the future. We are changing the way people approach fitness and complete wellness, at the cellular and cognitive level, by creating a shortcut to our next human evolution: being superhuman. We use transformative, cutting-edge technology, AI, and state-of-the-art equipment to create a radically different fitness experience.

Upgrade Labs Franchise


Biohacking leverages innovation and technology to be efficient, precise, and accessible, with less time, effort, and risk of injury. In our centers, the equivalent of a 40-minute jog is done in only 40 seconds. Muscle mass is grown in only minutes per week, not hours. Recovery can include cryotherapy at -220 °F and set to your favorite music.

We are the only fitness and recovery facility that also prioritizes cognitive health. Our clients see better results in less time and effort than any traditional gym or fitness program.

Upgrade Labs Franchise


  • A Legendary Brand Presence – Get noticed by members by leveraging a brand and founder whose names are internationally recognized and respected as biohacking pioneers and experts.
  • Unrivaled AI-Based Technology – Equip your fitness center with a suite of technology your members can’t access anywhere else and whose transformative results keep them coming back.
  • A Rapidly Growing Industry – Biohacking is quickly becoming a household term, and people are taking notice of Upgrade Labs. Don’t miss your chance to join a growing industry.
  • Customized Fitness Routines – No body is the same, so neither are fitness journeys. Upgrade the lives of your members with tailored performance, recovery, and cognitive services.
  • Streamlined Gym Footprints – Offer next gen tech with immeasurable capabilities in a compact workout space. Our 2,500 to 3,000 sq. ft. gyms can help lower your overall operating costs.
  • A Fusion of Training and Support – Our franchise team is family. We’ve got your back, providing all the training you need and the support you deserve throughout ownership.

Upgrade Labs Franchise


At Upgrade Labs, we’re rewriting the fitness narrative and introducing a new genre of health. We’re on a mission to help members by offering tailored services to help them reach the highest levels of performance in less time and energy than a traditional workout.


    Fitness was once a time-consuming and energy-depleting pursuit. That is, until biohacking—a way to use science and technology to improve body functions—entered the conversation.


    Dave Asprey saw industry shortfalls merged innovation with inspiration. He founded Upgrade Labs, the world’s first biohacking gym that uses top tech and AI to profoundly improve health at the cellular level.


    We use transformative, cutting-edge technology and equipment to create an innovative fitness experience for the next evolution of mankind. We train smarter, not harder. We are the future of fitness.

At Upgrade Labs, we applaud the disrupters. We want franchise owners like you who are ready to challenge the status quo, embrace the unconventional, and restore life to our members in innovative ways.

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