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WALKWAY Management Group, Inc. Franchise Opportunity

Walkway Management Group is the leader in walkway testing and hazard remediation technology, services, and products that protect our clients from the dangers of a slip and fall accident. Our national network of safety professionals and service support team offers a comprehensive approach to walkway hazard detection, remediation, and maintenance. WMG associates offer products and services that meet the highest certifications and performance standards in the industry.

WMG Products and Services Include:​

  • Walkway Management Group, Inc. FranchiseWMG is the exclusive distributor of the BOT-3000E tribometer with vast industry knowledge gained by direct rapport with BOT-3000E users, manufacturers, and industry professionals that develop walkway safety industry standards
  • Slip test services with the BOT-3000E Tribometer (the only device qualified for use with the ANSI A326.3 “American National Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials”)
  • Traction Enhancing Treatments with Walkway Management Group’s scientifically developed and proven BOOST and BOOST+ product lines to remediate all hazardous conditions on any floor type
  • Remote and local monitoring by highly trained certified walkway safety specialists to assure your walkway is always above standard DCOF
  • Empirical and data-driven slip test reports generated through WMG’s proprietary STEP app, providing superior support for any regard to potential litigation or claims
  • ISO accredited lab research and testing of floor and walkway surface items to ensure compliance with relevant standards
  • Training for professional certification including the mandated University of North Texas Walkway Safety Specialist certification (the highest certification in this industry) and BOT-3000E Training to assure the ins and out of performing a proper ANSI A326.3 slip test

This unique and innovative approach to walkway safety helps our clients prevent slip and fall hazards. Our pioneering concept makes walkway safety “mainstream” in that it provides economic, cost-effective solutions applicable to every walkway in America.

Join a national network of highly trained, certified walkway safety professionals and build a scalable business with WMG’s premium slip testing and hazard remediation products and training.

Your Investment Includes:

  • An approved WMG MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) Territory
  • BOT-3000E Tribometer (the only ANSI 326.3 approved device)
  • STEP Application license & Tablet
  • BOT-3000E Tribometer & BOOST Treatment Training
  • UNT Walkway Safety Certification Course Voucher
  • BOOST Product & Treatment Starter Kit (Including: a BOOST Application Tool, Microfiber mop heads, Industrial Vacuum, a BOOST Demo Kit, Towels, and T-shirts)
  • Membership in our National Accounts distribution network
  • Access to the P3 Portal (our proprietary Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Priority access to the Consumer Assurance Test Lab
  • Professional support in marketing and business development

The WMG Approach

Walkway Management Group, Inc. is committed to making walkway safety mainstream. We provide the tools, processes, and support you’ll need to become an industry leader. Our tribometer, floor treatments, lab testing and certificate training all meet the relevant ANSI, ASTM and ISO standards. All of our processes are the result of 30 years of experience and thorough scientific research conducted in partnership with leading Universities in Europe and the United States. WMG’s strategic research partnership with the University of North Texas, College of Engineering ensures continuous progress in the science of pedestrian safety. Strict adherence to standards and continued investment in scientific research gives our franchisees the peace of mind needed when advising and servicing valued customers.
Competitive Advantages of WMG franchisees:


  • WMG is the exclusive distributor of the BOT-3000E tribometer
  • Vast industry knowledge gained by direct rapport with BOT-3000E users as well as the standards developers that helped build our industry
  • Our national reach coupled with national advertising and marketing offers our franchisees the potential for business opportunities from National Account customers
  • The mandated University of North Texas Walkway Safety Specialist certification is the highest certification in this industry
  • Our standardized business of serving as a client’s total floor safety solution provider
  • Empirical and data-driven reports generated through our proprietary  STEP app, gives our franchisees the ability to provide superior support to their clients with regard to potential litigation or claims
  • All BOOST floor treatment products are tested by our ISO accredited lab, CATL
  • CATL also provides all Walkway Management Group franchisees priority access to professional, standardized lab testing of floor and walkway surface items for their clients to ensure compliance with relevant standards
  • 10% off fees for veterans.
  • 100% royalty free ​

Who we’re looking for

We seek franchisees who have a shared desire for entrepreneurial success, and value the prestige of belonging to a team of highly qualified and respected professionals. We offer a sustainable business model that can be expanded and customized to meet your goals.


  • Join a national network of highly trained, certified walkway safety professionals
  • Leverage the lead-generation power of WMG’s national marketing and account acquisition resources
  • Earn a professional certificate in walkway safety
  • Create client value through consulting and education, focused on measuring slip resistance
  • Build a scalable walkway treatment business with local and national accounts with WMG’s premium BOOST floor traction solutions

Prior experience in the field of facility maintenance, management, or flooring is preferred, but our training programs are designed to help anyone even without that requisite experience, to get a fast start on the road to success.

Walkway Management Group Founder & General Manager Peter Ermish details the franchise opportunity.

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