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Acai Express is not just another business selling healthy concoctions. Instead, we are a lifestyle. Our mission is to promote this healthy way of life and provide quick service nutrient-rich food alternatives to those seeking a healthy and active lifestyle.

Health that Hits the Spot

Our vision is to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle by expanding our business through franchising.

Our goal at Acai Express is to provide the public with natural, fresh, delicious, organic Acai Bowls. With an already successful business model, other like-minded entrepreneurs can have the opportunity to start their own business with a very economic financial structure.

Acai Express’s fruit-packed bowls of sun-drenched goodness invite our customers to savor the taste of a healthy lifestyle. Our acai bowls are a gift to the explorers and the wild-at-heart. To the health-conscious who love having fun. To free spirits who believe life needs more flavor. Our menu of high-quality, organic ingredients and acai fruit pays tribute to the healthy surfer lifestyle.

The ingredients in our Acai Bowls aren’t only delicious: they’re 100% unique.

Acai Express gives you distinct competitive advantages as a franchisee.

When you start an Acai Express franchise, it comes with numerous advantages. Our values and experience allow you to:

  • Be your own boss while benefiting from the Acai Express family’s advice, training and established, successful business model
  • Promote health, flavor, and an adventurous, active lifestyle within your community
  • Support the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and organic, local farming
  • Benefit from some of the lowest investment requirements in the franchise market
  • You will be able to use all of our branding, plus have access to crucial tools to help your business succeed. This includes exclusive information about time-tested, quality equipment and technology, expert social media and marketing advice, and recipes and operational methods for your business toolkit.

A Shift Towards Health

Today’s consumers are much more proactive in their approach to health and wellness. Progressive health and wellness consumers are increasingly influential in redefining food culture.

Healthy Lifestyle for All

Our quick-service, nutrient-rich bowls can be meals, snacks, or desserts. They’re for anyone seeking a flavorful lifestyle and looking to grab a bite on the way to their next adventure.

Juices and Smoothies

Franchises in this segment have seen a significant boost from the public’s embrace of healthier food options. Regulations banning soda machines from school have led franchises such as Jamba Juice to create vending machines for their products, opening up a new avenue for sales.

Bowls that aren’t just for breakfast.

Acai bowls have all-day potential – they can be a healthy lunch or dinner, or a delicious snack to grab on the go. Overflowing with fruit, they’re eye-catching and easy to experiment with. You can create adventurous new recipes and appeal to each customer’s unique tastes by offering customization and innovation.

A Growing Sector: The Acai Gold Rush

The largest segment of the global acai berry market lies in the food and beverage sector, and is poised to remain that way. According to FutureMarketInsights, the acai berry market was valued at over half a billion dollars in 2016, and should hit nearly two billion US dollars in revenue in less than 10 years.

The latest acai berry variety to get noticed is Brazilian acai: a purplish, antioxidant-rich stone fruit (though most people call it a berry) foraged from trees in the Amazon River basin. Acai Express uses the best quality of this berry – which is 100% organic and processed using an exclusive recipe – in its bowls, juices and smoothies.

Your Customers

Given the enormous – and growing – popularity of healthy fast-casual dining, our demographic is highly diverse. Though the majority of our client base is currently made up of women aged 13-45, we are delighted to be welcoming new customers from all segments of the market.

We believe strongly in maximizing customer satisfaction and guest experience by providing ongoing training to our franchisees that stresses the importance of excellent customer service.

There has never been a better time than now to bring healthy options to your community!


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