AWATfit Mobile Fitness Franchise

AWATfit is the perfect fitness franchise for our times. Brick-and-mortar fitness centers are dealing with COVID-19 restrictions regarding social distancing and masks and state government demands. AWATfit’s mobile business model is proving to be very lucrative.  We bring the capabilities of a gym to residents at their homes and into the outdoors.

“When COVID-19 hit, it quadrupled our business, adding three trucks in less than 18 months. We’ve had a number of potential franchisee requests in the past couple of months, and we’ll continue to target potential franchisees who are ready to take on their own business in the region.”

AWATfit Rocks the Fitness Industry With New Mobile Franchise

Founded by Rich Decker, a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur with more than 30 years in the industry, AWATfit (or, All Weather All Terrain Fitness) is a fully mobile, full-service fitness business run entirety out of 20-foot truck fully equipped with 20 cutting-edge workout stations designed to address strength, flexibility, core, agility and cardiovascular as well as the mind-body-spirit connection. Customers get the full workout experience in the comfort and convenience of their preferred location without the hassle of driving, parking, checking in or crowds. With minimal overhead and operational requirements, AWATfit franchises are easy and inexpensive to run, offering the perfect business opportunity for any fitness enthusiast, regardless of their business experience.

AWATfit Franchise

What sets AWATfit apart?

AWATfit is a fully mobile, full-service gym concept that allows customers to avoid the stuffy atmosphere, public changing rooms, shared machines and all the other discomforts associated with traditional brick and mortar gyms. AWATfit’s customers get the full gym experience wherever they want, whether that’s at home, at a practice field or wherever they’re most comfortable.

Why AWATfit?

For franchisees, AWATfit’s mobile concept offers even more benefits, the very first being a vastly reduced cost of entry. Rather than investing in real estate and all of the upkeep, utilities and maintenance costs associated with owning a gym, AWATfit franchisees invest only in a truck, which comes fully equipped with 20 cutting-edge workout stations. Aside from minimal overhead, AWATfit can draw from a wider base of potential customers, reaching people who are eager for high-quality exercise opportunities but are unable or unwilling to visit a gym. The mobile model also allows AWATfit franchisees to spend their days outside of a gym, traveling to their clients and immersing themselves in their communities.

AWATfit Franchise

Why the mobile fitness industry?

Consumers are increasingly prioritizing health and fitness in their lifestyles and spending habits, and this trend is increasing as a younger, more health-conscious generation of consumers begin to flex their spending power. Gyms used to be a niche market, but today, virtually every demographic is participating in fitness programs. But today’s consumers expect products and services to come to them, and they are less likely than previous generations to patronize brick and mortar stores in general. As large as the customer base for fitness is, mobile fitness concepts unlock an even larger base by bringing opportunities to customers who can’t or won’t visit a traditional gym.

Why now?

In the short time since fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Rich Decker founded AWATfit, the business has seen explosive success in its home market of Long Island, and that was before the coronavirus pandemic forced consumers to rethink how and where they exercise. Now, fitness-oriented entrepreneurs across the country have the opportunity to replicate Decker’s success for themselves with AWATfit’s new franchise model.

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