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Own Your Own Business in a  $3.4 Trillion Industry

BETTER THAN A FRANCHISE! A Powerful, Clinical, Easy to use, Non-Invasive System, FDA approved & Medicare/Medicaid approved! No medical experience needed. Every time a physician (that we pair you with) runs the non-invasive simple test you get paid. Potential to break-even in less than 12-months!

Become a BIOGENIC Diagnostic Partner and make money in the Healthcare industry


  • NO healthcare experience needed
  • Diagnostic Partners have the potential to earn a substantial income
  • 171% ROI over 3 years is possible

You do not have to be licensed as a physician or have a company in the medical field to take advantage of this opportunity and this does not require any high-level management, quantitative, or accounting skills, and it certainly does not require any particular expertise in healthcare.

In fact, in 15 minutes our device will Non-Invasively identify risk for sudden death, silent heart attack, hypertension, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, vascular and more.

We estimate that 70% of those 70 or older are eligible for an annual test and 45% of those 45 or older with any cardiovascular risk factors. This represents over 40 million individuals. For those with diabetes the recommendation is generally two tests per year, and unfortunately diabetes is the fastest growing chronic care condition in the United States.

Per the American Journal of Cardiology, “As many as 90,000 American lives could be saved each year if all men ages 45-75 and women 55-75 received cardiovascular wellness testing.”

Diagnostic Partner Benefits

Every time one of our physicians (we arrange to partner you with a physician) runs the non-invasive simple test you get paid. Breakeven in less than 12 months!

BIOGENIC Corp provides prospective Diagnostic Partners with a turnkey business with the potential to earn significant cash-on-cash returns. Biogenic Corp will provide:

  • The Equipment
  • Location Assistance
  • Training for the Physician and their staff.
  • We arrange for fee-for-service agreements with the physician on your behalf
  • We may be able to assist with financing
  • Each month, you (or us) will bill the physician for the number of tests performed on your equipment (usually $250 per test).

How Do I Make Money?

Biogenic Corp furnishes a turnkey business opportunity with a proven track record of success. Biogenic Corp supplies the clinic/physician location, the medical team, access to all the clinic’s patients, the patented medical equipment, and full staff training and installation of the system with our proprietary software.

We negotiate a Pay For Service Agreement with the physician on your behalf. As the provider of the equipment, you make $250 per patient test. The clinic does the patient testing in 10-15 minutes. Medicare/Medicaid and private insurers reimburse the physician $500-550 per test. The clinic pays you for providing the equipment.

If you’re interested in becoming a Biogenic Corp Diagnostic Partner provide your contact information below and one of our team members will contact you immediately.

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