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Bridge Internet Business Opportunity

Looking for a unique business opportunity in broadband internet?  Bridge Internet is partnering with entrepreneurs to rapidly expand broadband internet availability in rural areas throughout America. Our unique partner program is like nothing else out there. Broadband is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s growing faster than ever! Wireless is quickly proving to be future of broadband so now is the time to get involved!

Why Partner With Bridge Internet

Bringing broadband where it’s never been before.

Bridge Internet FranchiseThe year is 2021, yet 100 million Americans lack access to reliable, affordable, unlimited broadband internet access. Bridge Internet is pioneering a path for these Americans to have the proper access they need for online education, remote healthcare, alternative news access, and family entertainment they deserve.

We are the first joint venture licensing program for community-minded investors throughout rural America! Our territory owners will have the opportunity to provide communities with state-of-the-art high speed internet, voice, and internet based services. We are attracting like-minded entrepreneurial leaders who desire an aggressive potential return on investment.

Rural Broadband is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry

With over 20% of rural America still being under served by existing options there is an enormous opportunity to bridge the broadband gap in those areas. With emerging 5G and existing 4G solutions Bridge Internet fills the niche of rural America’s Broadband needs with speed and efficiency. Our team with over 70 years combined industry experience has developed the well-oiled machine we call Bridge Internet. We hope you join us on the wireless grid today!

Join The Broadband Revolution With Our Unique Partnership Program

Bridge Internet has developed a well-oiled and scalable WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) business model that makes rural broadband a reality everywhere. Bridge has the following resources available:

  • Customer Care Center – Tech support, sales, billing, customer service
  • Network Operations Center – Engineering, security & troubleshooting
  • IP Services – Fiber optic transit and transport procurement
  • Tower Services – Vertical asset acquisition and build out
  • End User Installation Services – Installer training & management
  • Infrastructure Services – Engineering, installation & maintenance

What Does Partnership Look Like?

Our partnership program is like no other opportunity in the broadband business! No industry experience necessary! Our efficient and highly automated business model enables our partners to enjoy a 50/50 net profit share with Bridge Internet.


We have perfected the WISP business model and handle all aspects of the day to day operations including:

  • System design, engineering and infrastructure installation necessary to deliver broadband services to subscribers.​
  • We facilitate the partnership and manage all partnership business with our team of skilled professionals.​
  • We handle all aspects of the sales, installation, billing, support, infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Our experienced team will lead the partnership to success on all aspects of our WISP business.


  • The partners capital contribution helps pay for the needed infrastructure to build a broadband internet system within a designated area.​
  • Our proprietary automation technologies allow partners to view all aspects of the business in real-time on any internet connected device with a web browser.
  • We have single area territories in addition to master development territories available throughout the United States.

Does it look like a good fit?

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