Casa de Corazon

Casa de Corazon Franchise

Casa de Corazon is a Spanish language immersion program that provides students with a socially responsible education, a food program, and more. From the benefits of Spanish immersion to environmentalism to social responsibility – the positive impacts our program makes on children and staff members will inspire you every day.

Casa de Corazon Franchise

Teaching Bilingually at Early Ages

Understanding more than one language can take you places. Speaking more than one language will get you even further! When children become bilingual at a young age, it sets them up for success throughout grade school and later in life. Casa de Corazón presents the opportunity for children as young as infants to learn both Spanish and English as they progress in their education. With bilingual education, these students are prepared to become global citizens.

Casa de Corozon Franchise


  •  Impact – Together we bring positivity to the lives of children, their families, and their communities by establishing socially responsible practices and fostering a healthy learning environment.
  • Support – With over 45 years of collective experience, our team is here to support each Franchise Owner through every step of running an enriching early childhood education center.
  • Community – We support local businesses and host community events, allowing us to consistently grow our sense of community for the Casa family.
  • Growth – Our established brand paired with the rapidly growing child care industry assures growth and success for each Franchise Owner.
  • Future – Not only will your impact on bilingual children better equip them for an increasingly globalized future — they will become socially responsible, empathetic citizens of the world.

The Casa de Corazón Difference

Are you interested in the franchise opportunity but want to know more about what sets Casa apart? From the benefits we offer our employees to the accreditations we have received, or from the proprietary technology we created to the environmental impact we have made. Casa is continuously striving to be ahead of the competition and to improve all systems and projects we have in place.

International Impact & Philanthropy

We are pioneers with our International Visa Program that employs native Spanish-speaking teachers, all with a degree in Child Development or a related field. We have International Philanthropy, building homes and impacting families in countries around the world through our annual 1K For Kids.

Our 1K For Kids event has impacted more than 70 families in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States. In the last 6 years, more than 2,000 people have walked or participated in this event! Thanks to our families, sponsors, volunteers, and teachers, we have donated more than $70,000 to these countries and to the Mayo Clinic for COVID-19 research.

Casa de Corazon Franchise

Who Are We Looking For

We are looking for individuals who value bilingualism, healthy food, diversity and sustainable communities. Other qualifications include:

  • Passion for bilingual early childhood education
  • Previous business or management experience preferred
  • Ambitious, energetic, and passionate personality
  • Business building, leadership, and marketing skills
  • No child care experience required


We have a network of professionals available to help you get your franchise started and keep it going. This support will be a guide as you cultivate an enriching early learning center.


Over half of adults worldwide currently speak a second language. You can imagine how this might play out in college, the workplace, and in someone’s everyday life. The earlier your child learns a second language, the more likely the skill is to stick with him or her. Many colleges require a foreign language for admissions, so being bilingual can help with that.

If your child knows more than one language, there may be more opportunities for work or service in college. The individual could end up traveling for work, seeing the world, and getting paid for it. Bilingualism gives people the opportunity to make more professional and personal connections with a broader spectrum of individuals worldwide.

Being bilingual also helps the brain function better. For those who might be genetically prone to Alzheimer’s or dementia, the onset could be delayed for up to four years. You can see how getting an early start on your overall health would be a benefit.

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