Chick'nCone Franchise

Chick’nCone™ is a fast food restaurant concept that started in 2014 when Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier joined forces to create a modern and convenient twist on Harlem’s classic chicken & waffles. Chick’nCones™ are now served to thousands of hungry, loyal fans every week from our NYC, TX, CO, KY, and Dubai locations.

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Chick'nCone Chicken FranchiseWe are rapidly expanding into new markets around the world.

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We are a franchisor of a unique fast food concept.  We capitalize on the rising popularity of the fried chicken and waffles concept but provide guests with the ability to enjoy this delicious food “on the go”. Chick’nCone™ has a familiar, comfort food feel but presented with a unique and convenient twist. Our product mix consists of fresh, crisp breaded chicken (using a “secret” breading technique), tossed in one of our signature sauces and served in a delicious homemade waffle cone and Cajun Fries as a side dish. Chick’nCone™ is the answer to an increasing demand for fresh food, fast service and friendly employees, and will build on the fast growing chicken based fast food market.

Chick’nCone Highlights:

  • Scalable, simple, easily replicated
  • Small footprint
  • Semi-absentee or owner/operator
  • Strong national online presence and social media following
  • Photo shoot ready food
  • Fast and friendly staff
  • Simple & unique menu offerings
  • Quality antibiotic free chicken
  • Variety of delicious sauce choices
  • Trendy and clean visual appeal

Chick'nCone Franchise


  • THE OWNER/OPERATOR: Loves the food and atmosphere and is ready to run this business inside and out
  • THE MANAGE THE MANAGER: Owns 1-3 Units with hired managers, runs the administrative side of the business while leaving the day-to-day to his/her team
  • THE EXECUTIVE: Multi-unit owner that entrusts a team to run the businesses while maintaining great management skills


Chick'nCone Chicken FranchiseRaving Fans… Tap into our ever growing fan base.

With over 70,000 social media followers and 27,000,000 youtube and facebook video views from all over the world, when you join the Chick’nCone™ franchise network you are bringing Chick’nCone™ to a fan base that is eagerly anticipating your opening!

Flexibility… Open the doors of possibilities in your market.

Chick’nCone™ units are designed to fit into unique locations that many other fast food franchisors may not accommodate due to their “one size fits all” development model.

Relationship… Play on a winning team.

We’re a young company founded and lead by people that value relationships within our growing network of operators. When you become a part of Chick’nCone™ you will have direct access to our entire team. Since one of our core beliefs is that success is found through open communication, your communication lines won’t be limited to the franchising department, but will include other franchisees as well as the founders. This relational network will serve to keep you strong, inspired and growing!

Chick'nCone Chicken Franchise Business

Proven Model… Do what we’ve proven to work.

Along the way, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. At every step of our development we have crafted our systems to be replicable in various contexts. We will never innovate for innovation’s sake but only to better our product, processes or guest experience. Following a proven model keeps you insulated from the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

Support… Build your future on a solid foundation.

We have partnered with and/or hired companies and people that not only have knowledge and expertise, they also have the grit it takes to get the job done. We’ve met a lot of folks that are supposedly “best in class” but still lack the heart to face a problem head on. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with brokers, service providers, marketing professionals, etc. that have genuine expertise and enough grit to get into the trenches with you to make your opening and ongoing operations a success.



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