Native Ceuticals

Native Ceuticals Licensing Opportunity

Native Ceuticals is a CBD investment opportunity with no revenue sharing, franchise fees, royalties, expensive overhead or special equipment. Native Ceuticals is a semi absentee franchise and allows passive ownership. A semi-absentee franchise is a business you could start and run while still maintaining a job or other obligation.

Native Ceuticals Licensing Opportunity


Native Ceuticals is proud to be the industry disruptor in the CBD space. Not only is our industry projected to reach $20B in revenue by Forbes, but we’re also helping people find holistic solutions to the common ailments disrupting their lives daily. We’ve been licensing since 2020 and have already grown our footprint across the East Coast with un-capped projected growth across the entire United States.

Native Ceuticals Investment Opportunity

Why Own a Native Ceuticals?

  • ZERO Royalty and Marketing Fees
  • Low Start Up Costs
  • Uncapped Marketing & Operations
  • Proven Pandemic-Resilient Business
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Award Winning Concept

Native Ceuticals Licensing Opportunity

Features & Benefits

1. Flexibility: We offer a turnkey investment opportunity in the booming CBD industry with the freedom to run your business the way you want. We’ve developed store concepts and tools that allow entrepreneurs to maximize their location’s potential while benefiting from our team’s proven systems and industry expertise. License business model with no franchise fees or royalties. Affiliates are traditional entrepreneurs who desire the flexibility to decide their operating hours, number of employees, ownership role in the business, etc.

2. Full Demographic Customer Base: Our beautifully designed stores have a warm and welcoming environment that attracts anyone from age 21 to 85. We are the first CBD model with a broad and mainstream appeal, which leads to increased business opportunity. And in general, CBD demographics are not as restricted and are only projected to grow in the next few years as CBD becomes a regular household item.

3. Additional B2B Revenue: Affiliates can attract and profit from bigger accounts by offering white label products for chiropractors, gyms, fitness studios, wellness centers, spas, holistic medical practitioners, etc.

4. Focus on Localization : While our concept thrives almost anywhere, we always understand the need for localization. Affiliate locations are listed on the website, but they have flexibility to run their own marketing. Member program allows Affiliates to see online sales funneled back to the stores. When placing orders online, customers are able to click on the store they want the sale to be processed through. So any friends, family or signed up customers in store will create revenue for that location. Inventory Control System (proprietary) allows product to move between stores. This customized ordering system ensures lean and fast moving inventory, easy fulfillment and reduced overhead.

5. High Margins: The potential with our CBD and other holistic products is unmatched. In addition, a very attractive earnings potential that is not based solely on customers coming in stores, but also from attracting larger B2B accounts and online sales funneling back to the stores. Our estimated net margins are around 55% Some products like tinctures are at 60%plus. Other products are lower. We do not carry products that offer less than 36% margins.

6. White Label Opportunities: We offer our licensees the opportunity to partner with other businesses and create exclusive partnerships to carry our line of premium CBD products. This also includes the opportunity to White Label their own line. This is enticing to many business owners as they like to put their own name on the products they sell.

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