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We are handing over the franchising keys to a select group of individuals who want the opportunity to own and operate their very own Nékter Juice Bar Franchise.


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$957,628* Average Gross Sales – Top 25% Stores Reported

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Why Nékter Juice Bar?

  • The Nékter Story – In 2010, we set out to transform the juice and smoothie space similarly to how the coffee experience was reinvented in the early 1990’s. We believe that “healthy” can be affordable, taste good, and feel good too, and it is our mission to provide a healthy foundation for people to feel and live better.
  • Proven Business Model – We’ve spent the past nine years fine-tuning our business model across 14 states, with over 100 locations, both corporate and franchised, and we now employ over 1000 employees nationwide. From training to operations to marketing, our proven systems will serve as a foundation for your success with Nékter.
  • Nékter Community – Partnering with Nékter Juice Bar is more than an opportunity to enjoy financial rewards: it is an opportunity to make a positive impact in your community. Join us and provide a gateway to a healthier and happier lifestyle in your community with fresh, pure juices and foods in a welcoming, energetic environment.
  • Franchise With Nékter – With an Average Unit Volume of $957,628*, outstanding training & support, and huge growth potential, Nékter Juice Bar is the ideal franchise opportunity for you.

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  • Clean Ingredients – Nékter Juice Bar has entirely transformed the juice bar experience, offering total ingredient transparency by eliminating hidden fillers, unnecessary sugars, processed ingredients, and artificial flavors from the entire menu – just as Mother Nature intended.
  • No refined sugars – Nékter’s freshly made juices, smoothies and acai bowls are made to order without any mystery ingredients. Just clean, healthy eating that tastes just as good as it makes you feel
  • Plant-based & dairy-free – It’s well-known in the scientific community that diets containing large amounts of fruits and vegetables can help people prevent a variety of chronic diseases, and Nékter is at the forefront of the “clean eating” revolution!

Nekter Juice Bar Franchise“From the moment I tasted my first acai bowl at Nékter Juice Bar, I was hooked. At the time, I was in the market for a new business opportunity so when I learned Nékter had franchise opportunities and were looking to aggressively expand the brand into Texas, I jumped in.  The support our team has received from the corporate offices has been nothing short of excellent. Everyone is always ready and able to jump in and assist with the task at hand. It’s been an immensely rewarding experience to bring such a high quality, health conscious brand focused on innovation, its customers and employees to my home state.”  Andrea Young, Fort Worth and Houston, TX

*As disclosed in Item 19 of Nékter Franchise, Inc.’s 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document. Out of 50 stores in operation during all of 2018, 43 stores reported the necessary financials. Divided into quartiles, the first quartile including 10 reporting stores reported an AUV of $957,628 (40% met or surpassed this average).

“An active lifestyle for me has been a staple for the last 10 to 15 years, and having an active lifestyle is directly correlated to what you eat, because that’s what drives your energy levels. What I want to share is that lifestyle based thinking. It’s really impacted my community and I’ve enjoyed sharing that knowledge. Tyler, Texas is not a huge market for health and fitness, but I’ll tell you what, just in the first 60 days being able to educate people and bring them in and have those types of conversations has been really cool as well as extremely profitable in a very short time period. For us to show that we can do just as much as juice bars in Orange County or the upper areas of Dallas, I think it says a lot about what Nékter can do and a lot about how this market is growing organically.”

Derek Shaw

Franchise owner Tyler & West Plano, TX

“Being die-hard fans of Nekter for many years, one day we decided to become a part of the Nekter family. That decision truly changed our lives for the better. As we started our journey, what amazed us most was how much support we received from their Real Estate and Training/ Operations teams. Their support represents the culture of the brand: Nekter truly stands behind its core values of health and wellness. The experience of serving healthy and nutritious food and beverages to the community is tremendously satisfying, and we are honored to be part of a franchise group that is so passionate about their brand and its success.”

Aman Batta

Franchise owner Southern California

“Becoming a Nékter franchisee was one of the most important decisions my husband and I have ever had to make…and definitely the most rewarding. Nékter embodies the core values we seek in ourselves – compassion for community, health-conscious living, and a dedication to hard work and humbling success. Nékter’s passion for their brand and the thriving industry they serve is what inspired us to make the leap. My husband and I are now living the Nékter life and have never been happier.”

Shannon Rodriguez

Franchise owner La Habra & Anaheim Hills, CA

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