Peachwood Floor Coverings

Peachwood Floor Coverings Franchise

PEACHWOOD Floor Coverings Franchise


Peachwood Floor Coverings provides superior flooring and tile installation services for both residential and commercial clients.

As a small business with over 10 years of experience, we highly value business integrity and promise to always provide fair pricing, flexibility, and exceptional customer service to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.

We pride ourselves in finding creative solutions for our clients to achieve their design goals on time and within budget while always maintaining rigorous quality standards.

Peachwood Floor Coverings Franchise


  • Well-established industry – floor installation is an essential business

  • High-quality products from top manufacturers

  • Jumpstart the business with training to secure repeat business

  • Big operation with a Mom & Pop personal touch

  • Extensive quality assurance program


  • Peachwood flooring is a superior flooring and tile installation company

  • Offering wood vinyl, tile and concrete flooring and wall tile installation

  • Built upon 25+ years of flooring and real estate industry experience

  • We stand out in the industry for our culture of caring and respect for our customers, partners and associates

Peachwood Floor Coverings Franchise

Our Clients

  • Commercial – With vast experience in the commercial space, Peachwood Floor Coverings understands the unique needs of our commercial clients. We will help identify cost effective solutions delivered within an expedited timeline that provide long lasting durability in a high traffic environment.  Fairway Flooring can assist with flooring installation for the following types of properties including office buildings, schools, gyms, restaurants, hotels and more.
  • Residential – At Peachwood Floor Coverings, we understand that due to size or limited budget, not all projects can be supported with a contractor.  Our team of seasoned professionals can help provide individual homeowners with consultation and guidance in selecting the perfect flooring or tile for their unique needs + design aesthetic. We are happy to assist homeowners with any size project for both new construction and home renovations.  Fairway Flooring can also install any previously purchased flooring materials.
  • Investment Properties – When updating an investment property for rent, it is critical to find flooring solutions that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of a multiple users that are less apt to be careful with spills, scratching and water damage. Rental properties also require industrial cleaning practices which can cause long term damage to your flooring if the right materials are not selected. Peachwood Floor Coverings has vast experience with investment property owners and will help find a long lasting solution at a low cost to help you maximize your investment and avoid ongoing repairs.

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